Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Eh! At least he tried...a bit!

I've just come back from more fun and frolics at BBC Radio Suffolk, popping into the James Hazell Show to see how James did with his Zero Waste Week challenge.

So, the big question is...did he make it?


Well...let's just say he didn't do quite as well as his producer Sally Goodwin, who only the week before managed to go zero waste with the exception of a chocolate bar wrapper and some bags and film that I took off her hands to drop off at our local HWRC.

James on the other hand managed ...

...cue drumroll...

....a day!

Even with the promise of a zero waste bar of chocolate as a reward.

Something tells me he didn't quite take it as seriously as Sal.

BUT - and I don't mean cigarette butts - his household bin is only half full each fortnight, which is fab.


...during the last week, he's discovered there's a recycling bin in the kitchen.


...he found a reuse for those cigarette butts, which led to some jokes about Hazell's Butt Couture.


...even if he didn't take it as seriously afterwards, he did manage a rubbish-free day,

...which is, what could be called a vital start!

With news of his partial failure, I'm just relieved that James didn't bring his rubbish bags into the studio, but just in case I was prepared with my safety goggles and rubber gloves.

Because you never know...!

So when it came down to the jury...did he earn his bar of chocolate? Well, call me an old softie, but I just had to say yes. Not sure it was the puppy look that swayed me or the fact that he was trying at the very start of the week [note to Sal - you're free to interpret that as you like].

But I wasn't going to let him get away with it completely, so gave him a couple of booby prizes, including a special souvenir from Felixstowe that I picked up from Fran Crowe's exhibition at the weekend....a piece of old rope that she rescued from the beach during her work "Walking to Save Some Sea".

So the final verdict?

Well James - at least you tried...a bit,

...but could do better,

so.... shall I come in and see you again next year?


With 12 months notice, we're bound to see further improvement.

But seriously, huge thanks to both Sally and James for everything they've done to promote the message about the range of recycling facilities that exist across Suffolk and giving me a chance to plug Recycle Now's Recycle Week.

It has been lots of fun!

So for me, it's feet up for the next couple of months until I'm back again for the Girls Talk session in September.

Who am I kidding. I'm afraid it'll be nose to the recycling grindstone as usual.

Update: You can hear it all for yourself on the BBC's Listen Again service. Just fast forward to two hours into the programme at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p003lm3k/James_Hazell_07_07_2009/



Layla said...

Aww James!! :)

Well, a zero waste day is really good for a start!!

& discovering a recycling bin in the kitchen is definitely an awesome start!! :)

It's also really great that Mrs A & everyone else could tell people about recycle week etc - zero waste is a process & it's definitely important to make it easier for everyone - I'm pretty sure experiences of James, Sally, & everyone else can really help here!!

only half full bin each fortnight is really fab - maybe you guys can stretch it for 3 weeks or even a month? :)

I didn't think it was possible before I met Mrs A, Mrs Green of Myzerowaste & Jen of Clean Bin online either!! :)

Soo.. will be looking forward to hearing more of the Radio BBC zero waste adventures!! :)

Almost Mrs Average said...

LOL - Hi Layla...thanks so much for the support. It was really fun and just to have had James and Sally's involvement was a real positive start, which I hope listeners found entertaining. And I am sure it was you who got the mention about Bento boxes yesterday. Apparently, his daughter also sent in a message saying she knew what Bento boxes were. It's a new one on me so I will have to do some research :-D x

Layla said...

YAY for the bento boxes!! :)

Yes, I did talk about bento boxes on their website - because Sally mentioned sandwiches in aluminum foil & I think reusable bento boxes are even better!! :)

They are so totally cute & you can do all sorts of things - from total artworks (or even bento Wallee;) to just plain sandwiches in a reusable plastic box - & guess what? in a firm box sandwiches don't break or crumb or such!! & you have NO WASTE!! :)

if you google 'bento box' you'll find all sorts of things & cute pics, they are made of all sorts of materials (so some attention for safety & recyclability is needed), there's a flicker group & a Livejournal community, & people on 43things using them.. :)

muuch cuter than plastic foil, & so great his daughter knows them!! :)

Unknown said...

Oh I really want to try going waste free!! It's great that you got your local radio involved, I heard next to nothing about recycle week in my area.

P.S. I found out the other day that my blue bin doesn't take tetra paks and I never knew!! Luckily there is a recycling bank 5 minutes away that does. Do you know if cartons (of the tesco value kind!) that are made of 'board' qualify as tetra paks or blue bin recycling?


Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Layla - thanks for the tips about the Bento boxes, I love them and they really do look cute. Love the WallE idea too. :-D

Hi Clareybabble - so sorry about taking so long to catch up with the comments. I would expect that the tesco drinks cartons can also be added to the Tetra Pak collection, as Tetra Pak does not descriminate between the different carton producers. Might be worth checking with your local council though. It's great that you've got the low down on your local facilities. Do spread the work if you can. LOL, every little helps :-D

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