Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Sal's Recycle Week Success

Huge congratulations to Sally Goodwin, producer of the James Hazell show on BBC Radio Suffolk.

For Recycle Week, which took place last week, Sal rose to the challenge of a Rubbish Free Day and found it such a fantastic idea, she went for the whole week.

Well, I dropped into the studio today to see how she got on and blimey, she's most definitely worthy of a zero waste medal. Live on air, she revealed that after a week of recycling more and avoiding creating rubbish, the only things in her rubbish bag were a few pieces of film and some polythene packaging.

These things are pretty tricky to recycle in most areas, but in Bury St Edmunds we can take them to the local Household Waste Recycling Centre. So I've taken them off her hands and will add them to my collection at home, even though many supermarkets will take polythene packaging along with their plastic bag collections.

So well done Sal. That was fab.

Now onto James' challenge and his promise to reuse his carrier bags.

It was a fantastic pledge, but the cheeky chappy managed to circumnavigate his challenge by avoiding shopping all week.

Admittedly it was a success and should be hailed because the less shopping you do, the less waste you create.... but both Sal and I felt he needed to work harder.

So to make up for it, we've challenged him to his own Rubbish Free Week....


Nothing like pressure eh.

You can check on how he gets on at the programme pages for the show, where he will be blogging about his progress.

And I'll be back in the studio again next week for an update.

So good luck James and don't forget that promise of the chocolate bar.

As you can tell, we've switched the motivation technique to one of incentives.

UPDATE: You can hear about how Sal got on with the challenge and how James took to his new Rubbish Free challenge on Listen Again. Fast forward to 2 hours in... James Hazell 1 Jul 2009



Layla said...

Aww.. can't wait to hear how James will be doing!! :)

Awesome - just some polythene etc, I'm speechless, very much impressed, Sal!! :)

No other waste at all this week??!! WOW!!
(I wonder where she did the shopping & how she did it!! :)
/Maybe James can learn a few things?;)

PS Will that chocolate be zero waste? ;)

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Layla - that really is a fabulous result isn't it and without preparation too. I think Sally should give James LOTS of advice this week :-D x

mrs green said...

fabulous, Mrs A - it's lovely to see members of your community not only taking up the challenge, but succeeding too.

Well done to everyone!

Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

Wow, that is very impressive!

I got the Co-op magazine through today and found you in it. Very exciting! I actually saw the title of the piece and thought 'Oh, I wonder if Karen's in it' and there you were.

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Mrs G - Isn't it fab...and if the listeners can be inspired too, even better. Hope Mr Hazell can hack it, but with Sal by his side, I have every faith.

Did you hear that James? If you're looking in. I have EVERY faith. And I also don't want to be seeing those cigarette butts in the rubbish bag next week. No stress like :-D

Hi Tasha - that's fantastic, thank you for reading it and the mention. I've not seen it yet. However my mum did ring me up on Saturday and in her strong Welsh accent said "What's this about strip poker then girl?".

And I never knew she was a Co-op member.

The things you learn eh :-D

lunarossa said...

Hi Karen, great post! I wish here in the North recycling were so well organized as down there! It's a "fight" for everything here and very few people seem to be really interested! Anyway, Every little bit helps! Ciao. A.

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Antonella - and thank you, (again). We are very lucky down here and the possibilities for Suffolk folk to keep reducing their waste are almost endless. There are some areas where recycling bins haven't been rolled out yet, but on the plus side, some of those areas have food waste collections which is wonderful for cutting down the amount of methane in landfill. :-D

Challenge Update. Listening in to the James Hazell show this morning, Mr Hazell managed to go zero waste on Day 1 - which is impressive. I think Sal's achievement will help his determination, and by all accounts he's picking up a few alternative solutions along the way. Very soon I'll tell you all about Hazell's Butt Couture. :-D

Layla said...

WOW, great to hear Mr James is managing to go zero waste too!! :)

Am greatly interested in his alternative achievements!! :)
/& zero waste Butt Couture...??!! Oohh!! ?!/

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