Thursday, 25 February 2010

A four-leafed clover for Suffolk's 'Green Oscars'

A very large four leafed clover, from a secret location in Suffolk.
It might just come in handy for March.

I am really proud to share the exciting news that I've been shortlisted for one of Suffolk's prestigious Creating the Greenest County awards.

So how excited am I!

Well, I know I said I'm proud...but the truth is I am totally chuffed to bits.

Affectionately called the Green Oscars, the Creating the Greenest County awards are now in their third consecutive year, celebrating the efforts of individuals, businesses and communities who support Suffolk's aspirations to engage the whole county in responding to climate change.  And I've been shortlisted in the Community: Communication and Events category.

At first I felt rather shy about entering the awards.  Then my husband reminded me about the number of times I've forgotten to wash his pants because instead of getting on with things at home, I've been off doing things like this:

and trekking around the region to do this

or going on a sponsored bin round to do this

and helping my local community do this..

...and helping other lovely people achieve this

..then talking about it in places like this!

Phew! But why?

It's because I want to encourage more people to reduce the amount of this!

and commit to making best use of places like this

I hoped that by entering the awards, it would help raise the profile of waste reduction in Suffolk, encouraging individuals and communities to rise to the occasion by boosting our expectations of what our society is capable of achieving.

So after such a busy year promoting practical ways of reducing waste, it really is a privilege to have been shortlisted for the Creating the Greenest County awards. However, as far as the results are concerned, I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave you on tenterhooks because they won't be announced until three weeks time, at a Gala dinner on the 18th March when I'll get to mingle with the Suffolk's "greenerati" .

In the meantime, I've got plenty to get on with, including our street's Waste Reduction Fortnight that kicks off on Monday.  As well as my own challenge, I'll be helping our local school tackle their rubbish too.

And I'll also be talking even more rubbish later, chatting with BBC Radio Suffolk's forever effervescent James Hazell  (pictured below with his studio recycling bin and producer Sal, who is just as sparkly ).  If all goes to plan it should be about 9.40am this morning.

I still haven't quite got used to this radio lark you know.  I may not be as nervous as I once was, but I still have to take my shoes off for fear of the audience hearing me pacing up and down my living room.

And I promise, once the interview is over I will finally get around to this week's laundry.....otherwise it won't be just my husband who's demanding clean pants....the kids will be in tow too.

At least I'm reducing their carbon footprint, well that's my excuse anyway.  It's far easier doing the laundry in one go in the style of just-in-time delivery.

For more information about all the shortlisted entrants, please visit



lunarossa said...

Fantastic, Karen! You deserve it! Any chance to have a link to listen to your radio interview? I've found another link for getting free seeds:
I'm a real sucker for freebies!!! All the best and keep us posted! Ciao. A.
PS Always ready for a night out in York!

Local Girl said...

Well done Karen!! You totally deserve to win! I have everything crossed for you x

Evil Edna said...

go kick ass - not the donkey kind. your deserve to win pants down.


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

You've certainly earned the right to be considered for this award and in with a chance I'd say. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. A x

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Antonella - thanks for the link and your lovely comment. Here's the link to the Listen Again programme. The feature starts about 10mins in with my interview 10 minutes later: I must get ready for another visit to olde York. x

Thank you Liz - and if I do, we'll have to have tea at the Saints cafe to celebrate :-D x

Thank you EE - and the pants comment didn't go unnoticed LOL. :-D x

Thanks Anne - I'm looking forward to another flashy dinner and another "bated breath" moment. Watch this space LOL :-D x

Sam said...

Congratulations, and good luck :-)

You've certainly been busy spreading the message. You deserve to win!

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