Thursday, 18 February 2010

Knock Knock: Who's there? It's a rubbish blogger in Brandon!

So today was the day I volunteered to help promote the Seven Suffolk Streets waste reduction project in Crown Street, Brandon, which is the area that's taking part in the Forest Heath district of Suffolk.

And it was a cold, wet and snowy day, certainly not the weather for walking the streets.

But it was a case of simply wrapping up warm and getting on with the job in hand, which was to knock on strangers' doors to raise awareness of the waste reduction project that's taking place in two weeks time.

Despite having my official's badge, I must say it was rather a daunting task.  I might have got used to presenting at conferences and doing radio interviews about ways to reduce waste, but knocking on doors is different.  It's a little more intimate and it's difficult to know how people will react, so I can only admire the other door-knockers who have been pounding the streets over the last two weeks on behalf of the Suffolk Waste Partnership.

But as with most fears, I needn't have worried, because most people who answered my rata-tat-tats or ring-a-ding-dings of the doorbells were interested in the issues and keen to take part.  And in certain cases the team - which was made up of me and David whom I introduced last week - got a very warm welcome indeed, with residents being happy to talk about waste issues that affected them.  It was also a great opportunity to introduce new services that had been rolled out at the local household waste recycling centres.

So after a day out on the streets, I am now glad to be tucked up in the warmth of my home and would like to wish Crown Street lots of luck in the challenge ahead.  I also hope that it's a lot sunnier when David and the other regular door-knockers return to visit the rest of the street soon.

I'll certainly be thinking of them... from the comfort of my blog! 



mrs green @ said...

Wowee - you are SO brave; I couldn't imagine anything more scary than cold calling. Well done you! Fantastic work you are doing to raise awareness :)

I remember going out in the village once to collect signatures for broadband and that was bad enough LOL!

Almost Mrs Average said...

LOL...why do you think, I've restrained myself from knocking on doors in my own patch. Too scary for words :-) x

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