Friday, 16 May 2008

Fun Friday!

I spotted lots of these sacks on the roadside while visiting a friend last weekend. The same friend who got married on Friday and celebrated his 40th birthday on Saturday. He certainly knows how to party!

Anyway, as we drove around the area, I couldn't help wonder why there were so many paper sacks sitting on the roadside. At first I thought they could be doorstep potato deliveries, but some people would need to eat a load of chips or mashed potato to get through all those bags!

So, any guesses what these sacks are used for and where in the UK this photo might have been taken. I'd like to say "answers on a postcard" but being conscious of waste, the comments section will do.

There's no prize I'm afraid, but under pressure I could relinquish the empty sack I brought home with me to the first person who guesses correctly.

Happy Weekend!



Ruth said...

Are they biodegradable sacks for biodegradable household rubbish for council composting?

If they're not, I don't know why you'd entertain them on The Rubbish Diet!

Anonymous said...

Compost being given back to people after they've given their food waste to the coucil for composting?

Jo Beaufoix said...

Erm, I was going to say bags of compost too. Hmmm, play bark for a new enviro park? I don't know the area code on the side so I have no idea where you are though. :D

Anonymous said...

I agree with ruth I think its a Cambridge City Council 'brown sack' for biodegradable waste (including cooked waste!!), presumably for people without green bins. gives the 01223 code as being Cambridge or Teversham. is the link to the Cambridge council site

No pictures of the brown sacks on the site tho to compare with the picture!

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi everyone - thanks for the suggestions. I love Rachel's idea nad Jo's play bark angle, but Ruth was right there with the biodegradable sacks. Fumblina is the closest with the location...all will be revealed tomorrow.

Thanks for joining in ladies ;-D

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