Thursday, 8 May 2008

Is that a Dalek in your garden?

If you've been looking into composting this week (well it is Compost Awareness Week), you might have been considering which option is best for you: whether it's a beehive composter, building your own or perhaps getting one of those dalek types.

If you are still pondering, perhaps this little clip will help you decide: where did I leave that sink plunger...?


Unknown said...

Hi Mrs A.!
I'm considering to compost here too!
In Italy there's no great diffusion of this great recycling method,
perhaps because people live mostly in flats without garden, so for a long
time I looked for a composter of medium size. I have a small garden
around my house in Romagna and I started to live here only 6 months ago
(I lived in Rome before). So I haven't any experience in composting!
But last weekend I found a composter on E-Bay Italy and I'm still waiting
for the end of biddind, after that, next week, I will have a kit of a new
do-it-yourself composter!
I just can't wait to start my composting challenge!


Unknown said...

But this Dalek is terrifying!!! It could work as scarecrow! ;-D

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Danda - LOL, I think the Dalek is lovely and would make a great marketing opportunity for compost bin makers...composter and scarecrow in one. It's just a shame it doesn't have the right effect on slugs. Good luck with your composting efforts. There's lots of advice on the Internet. In fact I'll start pulling together some more links for anyone else who wants to get started. I hope your eBay bid works and that your fruit and veg peelings enjoy their new home. ;-D

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