Sunday, 7 April 2013

The calm before the great excitement!

Taking a brief Easter break before the big stuff happens!

Regular readers of the Rubbish Diet will probably recognise that nervous grin by now.  It's the one that says 'oh heck, it's too late now, it's happening and there's no going back now'. 

A bit like this one, taken in January 2008, when I signed up to St Edmundsbury's Zero Waste Week, agreed to become their community champion, panicked and then set up this blog.

Yes, this old blog, with just me and my bin! 

Then you and your bins....

It really has been fun and I am truly grateful for everyone who has followed and interacted with the blog over the last five years.

But things are about to change bigtime!

So, please hang onto your seats for the next stage of The Rubbish Diet adventure, because very soon it's not going to be just me and this little blog anymore.  There's a whole team of people behind the scenes, who have been working hard to take the bin-slimming experience to an all new level. 

And over the next week, we will be announcing a brand-spanking-new Rubbish Diet website (yep - a proper website - at long last!) and the very exciting launch of The Rubbish Diet challenge which will soon be taking place across three counties (Shropshire, Suffolk and Powys).

I would love you to be a part of that too, whether it's following the story, tweeting the new links or encouraging your friends to get involved.  There will be lots of stuff happening with some fantastic local projects, including teaming up with BBC Radio Suffolk to launch the BBC Radio Suffolk Rubbish Diet in my own area, which is both very exciting and equally daunting. 

We are really just days away from the launch of the new website, followed by the actual Rubbish Diet challenge which launches on 15th April, inviting participants to slim their bins over 8 weeks.  There will be new blogs too, enabling local followers to keep up with stories from their respective counties.

But there's no rest for the wicked!  There's much to do between now and then - including another visit to landfill, delving into some prestigious bins around the county.... and judging by that photo, I'd better fit in another haircut as it looks like a spider has landed on my head! 

Well there's definitely no going back now!  So do watch out for imminent announcements and all those luscious bin-slimming links coming VERY SOON!

Meanwhile, if you are on Twitter, do follow @TheRubbishDiet, which will feature all the latest news as it happens. Local updates will also be available via @RDShropshire, @RDSuffolk @RDPowys.



Rev. Peter Doodes said...

Utterly well done and congratulations for your non-stop mission; it could not have been easy.

Almost Mrs Average said...

Thanks Peter and it's been great having your support all the way from way back when! Who'd have guessed eh, especially those moments when I thought I couldn't juggle it any longer. It's really great to have a team of people and the funding to push it further along now. It's going to be hard work but the next few months are going to be pretty exciting too. Better get a rest while I can. :) x

Nick Palmer said...

Almost Mrs A. Great to hear about the developments!

Unknown said...

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