Friday, 12 April 2013

The new Rubbish Diet Challenge website is now LIVE!

After much hard work from a dedicated team, the Rubbish Diet Challenge website is now live and kicking and ready as an online toolkit for anyone who wants to take the 8 week challenge to slim their bin! 

You'll find all you need, including an overview of how it works, some great diagrams and a sign-up form.  Once signed up, you'll receive a series of weekly tips, introducing different themes over the eight weeks.

So if you've been itching to take up the challenge but haven't got around to starting it yet,  there's no better time.  Do pop over to the new website and have a gander.   You can find it at And if you live in Suffolk, Powys or Shropshire there are even 'Bin Doctors' on hand to tell you about their county-wide campaigns which are launching next week, offering extra assistance to help slim those bins.

Talking of which, it will come as no surprise that I'm rolling up my sleeves to help out in Suffolk, along with Kate Kelly, who took the challenge last year.  And we're getting ready to support presenter Mark Murphy, who is championing the BBC Radio Suffolk Rubbish Diet Campaign.  It's going to be HUGE and kicks off on Monday.

That's eight weeks of waste-busting fun in our own county.  We'll be covering all the latest news via a new local blog  So, if I suddenly go all quiet here, you'll now know where to find me!

I hope you like the new website, and if you do, please tell your friends.  Here's to a very exciting new phase of The Rubbish Diet and an ENORMOUS thank you to everyone who's supported it so far.  The next few months are going to be great!




Unknown said...

Great!!! I've linked on my blog your new website!
In Italy too there are exciting news about Zero Waste! :)

just Gai said...

With a bit of effort and the support of Bristol's excellent recycling schemes we've drastically reduced our landfill bin. However there's still room for improvement, good habits need to be remembered and bad habits kept at bay. So I'm signing up for another crackdown on rubbish.

Thanks for the challenge!

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Danda - fabulous, thank you. I've heard such great news coming out of Italy. Really exciting changes taking place.

Hi Just Gai - fantastic, that's wonderful. This is beginning to feel like a reunion. Can't wait to find out how you get on :-)

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