Thursday, 14 August 2008

Blogging on the Radio: The Full Story Recycled

How truth can be stranger than fiction.

10.50 am... Bury St Edmunds train station...

Ruby and I sat quietly on a bench, as quietly as two chattering friends could. We were waiting patiently for a train to Ipswich, as excited as two little schoolgirls who hadn't seen each other all summer. It was the start of a very exciting day.

Suffering from a terrible headache, I put my hand into my jacket pocket and retrieved the paracetamol tablets that I'd bought at the local garage that morning. I was thankful that they were in a plastic container and not those terrible blister packs made from inseparable foil and plastic, which infuriates many of my acquaintances.

Ruby also decided to take her own dose of medication that she'd collected from the pharmacy only 10 minutes earlier.

The scene was developing into a vision of the future, morphing into two elderly ladies nursing our respective ailments.

11:26am.....Ipswich Train Station.

Ruby and I stepped off the train, giggling over the events of the previous evening. We'd been out to a trendy bar in town to celebrate my book deal and to commiserate over her leaving Bury St Edmunds for good. There had been much laughter, political discussion and gossip. There was even rumour that Amy Whitehouse was moving to Bury. An interesting choice we thought.

We put all this behind us, as we got down to the real business of the day. We were off to the county's radio station BBC Radio Suffolk, as sofa guests on Lesley Dolphin's lunchtime show, where we'd been invited to talk about blogging.

12.25pm... BBC Radio Suffolk.

Sat on Lesley's Sofa in the radio studio, Ruby and I waited nervously to be introduced.

I thought back to my last visit to the studio. It was in March, when I'd been invited to the James Hazell show to recount the successes of the Zero Waste challenge.

This time was more relaxing. The sofa most definitely helped and to be sat on it with a friend was even more helpful.

The opportunity to talk about Bury, Bins and Blogging, all in one go. And our friendship too. Such a delight.

Then came the quick-fire questions, with different answers to reveal our true selves.

Ruby: CDs; Trousers; Brown Wheelie Bin
Me: iPod: Dresses; Compost Bin

How different we were but how close we've become. I will miss Ruby when she leaves on Sunday.

Lesley played Ruby Tuesday, in honour of her leaving.

Ruby talked about her blog, her 100,000 visitors and leaving behind both the primness and grimness of the town that she's lived in for 11 years.

I revealed the news about my book deal.

Then we both talked about blogging.

We couldn't agree more that Lesley had been the most wonderful host and took some photos to add to our respective albums.

The fun, the memories. I think we've even inspired Lesley to blog too.

And of course, I couldn't resist a photo of Lesley with the studio bin....
and it had to be a recycling one at that.


Ruby's story can be found over on her blog, by clicking here.



Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Sounds like you had a great day - and the best thing about memories is that they just file away nicely in an everlasting recycle bin.

A x

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see that your friend Ruby is leaving. Good to see you both sharing the limelight on Radio.
Ruby Tuesday is a great song.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good time was had by all. Most people go out for a quiet drink when their friends are leaving town, but you, **you** find yourselves a comfy seat on a radio show.

Geesh, how the other half live, eh?!

Good luck Ruby and more congratulations, Mrs A ;)

Anonymous said...

How exciting to be featured on a blog!!! Both great guests and I am certainly really tempted to write my own blog.... Good Luck Ruby and Mrs A. Lesley x

katyboo1 said...

as an aside to your fab day, apparently Amy Winehouse has been spotted shopping in our Co-op. I find it hard to believe that she hangs out a lot in Glenfield, but who knows if she is thinking of moving to Bury, anything is possible in the crazy world of rock chicks with giant hair.

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Anne - it was truly a lovely day and that is a way of summing it up. It's even better when you can blog about them too. :-D

Hi John - I know I was very sad when I first heard but I've got used to it. I will miss her presence but we've got plans when she hits York...not least to to with bins. :-D

Hi Mrs G - LOL, it's all very bizarre isn't it. I remember Ruby writing out her list of everything she wanted to do and one of them was to go on Lesley's Sofa. It was such a treat. We had the quiet drink too, but that really is another tale ;-D

Hi Lesley - You're excited about being featured on a blog...I'm excited about you commenting on my blog. Thank you so much for popping over to visit and say hello. We had such a lovely time and you were the perfect host and thank you too for inviting me back. Can't wait to see your blog. ;-D

Hi Katy - LOL, Miss Winehouse in your local co-op, now that MUST have been the talk of the town...Still chuckling at the phrase "world of rock chicks with high hair" ;-D

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