Sunday, 24 August 2008

Please Take Your Pledge...and take it today!

It's the kind of thing you might say to your cleaner if you caught her deliberately overdoing it with the furniture polish instead of your beloved beeswax!

But when I say "Please take your Pledge", it is not in the context of my cleaning lady. The chance would be a fine thing.

No, the pledge that's on my mind today is the one that you can take at, where the fabulous Mr & Mrs Green have got just one week to go before they embark on their very own Zero Waste Week.

To round up support, they've gathered some fine sponsors including ECOutlet, EcoCentric and NaturalStore, plus many many more, offering prizes that should whet your appetite, no matter what time of day.

The only thing you have to do to be in with a chance of winning, is make one teeny weeny commitment to do something to reduce household waste, whether it's signing up a milkman, recycling your tetra paks or just telling a neighbour about a new recycling facility. You can even make up your own pledge. Just make sure you do it and pop back and tell them what you've done and how it went!

So please...before you have your breakfast, lunch, dinner or even supper, pop over and have a nosey.

I've done it! You see, no matter how slim your bin, there's always room for eliminating one more thing...and I'm even in with a chance of winning a cleaner.

What was that Mrs G?

It's not that kind of cleaner! Oh well, I'll be happy enough with the household cleaning kit from Ecover.

Of course, I'm not going to tell you what my pledge is...until later this week. If you want to find out sooner, just click on the big button below and after you've made your own pledge, check out the Competition Feedback.



Margaret's Ramblings said...

Have taken up the pledge, just hope I can complete all of them.
Best of luck everyone

Maisie said...

I have taken up the pledge, not sure if the boys will be able to give up their crips but we are going be as close as possible to an empty bin between 1 & 15 Sept which are my landfill collection dates.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great post, Mrs A. We really appreciate the coverage and your support.

Hope you had a great day xxx

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Margaret - that's great that you're taking part. Fingers crossed, you'll be able to manage all of them them, but the key thing is to try. As you say...good luck ;-D

Hi Maisie - hello and welcome. Crisps are a difficult challenge to give up, but one of the best for keeping stuff out of the bin. It's brilliant you're going for two weeks. I've just spotted the links on your blog today. Thanks for that. I'm now coming over to have a nosey at your bins ;-D

Hi Mrs G - LOL...every little helps, I think the saying goes ;-D
Mixed day...had to buy a few things at the Every Little Helps Express store, fought with the self-service machines to get them to accept my reusable bags, then relaxed with a trip out to pick some apples. I'm now in need of wine...mmm...or perhaps it should be cider ;-D

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