Monday, 11 August 2008

Home Sweet Home

Phew, after two days travelling back through Switzerland, France and the UK, we're home! We finally made it home late last night, welcomed by the sugar factory towers that greet so many people back to Bury St Edmunds.

Kids in bed, car unpacked, Internet catchup...with TV on...husband enjoyed cup of tea while I stumbled off to bed. The usual routine.

Home eh. I love holidays but I am always glad to be back!

And so much has been happening.

I've come back to find that The Rubbish Diet has got a mention on the very lovely EcoStreet blog.

Then there's the news that BBC Reporter Chris Jeavans has challenged herself to a Plastic Free Month. Now that's a challenge and a half and it brings the topic of waste into the national media, which is great. I can't wait to catch up with her progress at her BBC blog Month Without Plastic.

But most of all, I am really looking forward to finding out about how the Greens are getting on at MyZeroWaste. After challenging them to a Zero Waste Week a few months ago, it is fast looming and I can't believe that there are only a few more weeks to go. The great news is that they've got a whole host of sponsors together, offering prizes to those who support them in their endeavours. To have a go at winning, all you need to do is sign up to a pledge and let them know how you get on.

So much to do, with so little time. And there's the Olympics and all their recycling efforts. Blimey it's all kicking off.

By the way, I'm sorry to say that's not my house in the picture. It's the really HUGE house opposite, which I now see is available TO LET. Should anyone be interested, it comes with a beautiful set of bins, one for recycling, one for composting and one for landfill.

Oh booger. That reminds me. It's bin day today and this week it's Recycling. Talk about falling back to earth with a bump. With loads to do I'll see you later this week with the news I promised about our travels.

In the meantime, I'd better not miss that bin lorry.



John Costigane said...

Welcome back Mrs A. You have missed Chris's blog and one of the current hot topics is the wooden toothbrush. Might the plastic one be bound for a certain bin of your acquaintance?
Enjoyed your holiday reports and I hope everyone had a ball.


Hi John and thanks for the well wishes. I can't wait to have a good old read of Chris' blog and the bit about the toothbrush. The traditional plastic one might have to be sent to Bin 101 but I've got a funny story to tell on that, which I will reveal one day soon. Thanks for looking in while I was off on hols...and yes, it was great. Better go now as I've got some real work to do ;-D

Mrs Green said...

Hi-de-hi Mrs A, Good to have you back and thanks for the coverage on our zero waste week.

We've just been given another wonderful prize to give away ;) I can't wait to share about it.

Mrs G x

Baba said...

Hi you, missed you! Loved the holiday edition and so glad you all had a lovely time -the photos were great!
Please don't forget 21st C Mummy site - I want an update on the last post and other such things!!
XXXX:) p.s. what do I do with used nail files...are they recyclable somehow?!


Hi Mrs G - hope you're keeping well. No probs on the ever, happy to help. I now can't wait to see what the new prize is and of course there's also the carnival, which I am looking forward to tomorrow. :-D

Hi Baba - thanks for the good wishes and comments about the photos. The real thing was so much more beautiful. Haven't forgotten about the other stuff BTW, just running out of time. I even had to multi-task at Waitrose today, meeting Ruby so that we could have a catch-up while we both shopped.

Hmm...nail files? If they're made from sandpaper, I might try popping it in the compost bin, but I haven't come across that problem yet so can't comment on the results. My only suggestion would be to ditch the disposable ones, even if it has to be the bin and get a beautiful glass reusable one. A quick search on Google will bring up a whole range of products. ;-D xxxx

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