Friday, 22 August 2008

Ending World Waste: A conversation with three environmentalists

If you're concerned about world waste and are about in London on Monday 1st September at 7.30pm, then get yourself down to Stanfords in Covent Garden, where you can meet three inspirational people who will be looking at different ways to help the environment.

Author David Smith, who wrote the powerful book If the world were a village, will explain about how much we waste and what's in the waste. Environmental scientist and the founder of Planet Earth website, Lionel Smith will discuss how to reduce litter in the environment and my lovely friend Shirley Lewis (aka Baglady) will inject her fun perspective on living ASAP (as sustainably as possible). David will also be available to sign copies of his book, which will be available to buy on the night.

I would love to have joined in the natter, but it's the beginning of term so will have my feet firmly in Suffolk. However, if you can get into London, you will no doubt find this an interesting event.

You never know, Baglady may even be wearing her trademark dress.

If you can't make it, don't worry, please just spread the word and pop back soon when over the next few weeks I'll be featuring an interview with Baglady herself.

If you can get along, please remember to book tickets in advance. Details are below:

TICKETS: The event is held at Stanfords, 12-14 LongAcre, Covent Garden [nearest tube Covent Garden or Leicester Square]. There is a small charge of £3 to cover expenses, and tickets should be bought in advance in-store: by phone: 020 7836 1321, by email:

Find out more about the speakers at their respective websites:

David Smith:
Lionel Smith:
Shirley Lewis, the Baglady:



Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs A,

These links are well worth supporting. Spreading the good word to a wider audience will help encourage others to join in.

Tracey Smith said...


Cannot get to London for that, but would have loved to!

Fantastic outfit she's wearing too...actually, seeing these 3 eco-masterminds together has inspired me to suggest you, me and Mrs Green triangulate our positions and meet up for an overnight natter...

...this could be to put flesh on the idea of holding our 'own' talking event!

I'd come and listen to it...

....what say you?


Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi John - if you know of anyone who might want to pop along, then please spread the word. It's a wonderful opportunity to meet some amazing people and hear what they've got to say.

Hi Tracey - I know, when Shirley invited me to the event, I was dead keen to go then I saw the date...and there's no way I could get back from London in time to take my little ones back to school.

I love your idea and think a threesome is the way to go and talking rubbish is one of our many talents. :-D x

Unknown said...


Just dropped by to say that I've given a (completely rubbish free!) Brilliant Blogger Award!

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Muppet - thank you so much for that. I am dead chuffed and am now looking forward to passing the award onto others. Huge congrats to Mrs G too who also got one. Another occasion to celebrate Mrs G ;-D x

Welsh Girl said...

Really irritating - I am coming down from the hills of Wales that day but am working in Kent - darn it! Sounds good though so will spread the news to anyone who might be able to make it.

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Welsh Girl - aargh, what a shame. So close to the event yet so far too. I know just how you feel. Please do spread the word. The more the merrier so to speak. Love the cakes on your piccie by the way. Fab photo ;-D

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