Friday, 1 August 2008

Mrs G launches her first video

If you're looking for more inspiration while I'm off on hols, here's Mrs Green to keep you company, with her very first video shoot launched on YouTube this week. Go Mrs G! I hope this video makes it onto Gloucestershire's Zero Waste Week site.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs A,

An excellent video from Mrs Green to aid newcomers to the Zero Waste challenge.


Almost Mrs Average said...

Greetings John...all the way from Switzerland, where I've got five minutes available to look in.

It is an excellent vid, shot by Mr G I assumeand they've got a few more coming up on their site, which I am very much looking forward to.

You Tube is excellent technology for stuff like this.

A huge hello to everyone. I will catch up with comments when I can get back to the PC, but in the meantime I'm getting on with my hols (which does actually include checking out my sister's local recycling centre...LOL).


Anonymous said...

Wonderful video from the UK!! Here in Manitoba, Canada we are lucky to have curbside recycling for almost everything, but organic waste. However if you do a search on the Internet there are places to mail off items i.e. corks etc. to bring our waste here down to almost 0. Many thanks...will keep up-to-date on your posts! Cheers, Valerie

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Valerie - thanks for popping by and for taking the time to comment. Mrs G did a great job didn't she and there's lots more stuff at their site at

It sounds like you've got it pretty sorted over there for waste. That sounds excellent. As you may tell, with my visit to Switzerland and some of the other posts on this site, I am enjoying giving the blog a real international feel. So if you're able to send over some digital photos and write something about your set-up in Canada, I would be happy to feature it.

Anyway, please keep dropping by. It'll be great to see you. ;-D

Anonymous said...

Mrs A, you are embarrassing me :D But thank you - it's appreciated........

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