Thursday, 31 July 2008

Some rubbish things to do

While I'm on my travels, here's an important announcement about some rubbish things that are coming up.

Firstly the lovely Kate, who supported me through Bury St Edmunds' Zero Waste Week, is doing it all again. This time in Norfolk.

Norfolk councils are teaming up to run the waste free week and are challenging everyone to reduce the amount of rubbish they throw away to nothing. Anyone who would like to join in will be encouraged to use only products that can be recycled, reused or composted, avoiding things going in the rubbish bin. The Waste Free Week is running from 27 October- 2 November. Interested residents can sign up at

So if you live in this area or know anyone who does, give your friends or family a nudge to join in. With Kate's help, participants will be in very safe hands.

If one week isn't long enough for you, then why not try The 30 day No Trash Challenge, where various authors take it in turns to blog about their experiences. The blog, originally set up by Miss Dayva, is looking for a new blogger to take over for August. Could this be you? If so, pop over to the blog and see how you can join in.

If you can't bear the thought of blogging about rubbish for a whole month, it's likely that you've still got something to say on the topic. If so, then you may like to contribute to the August edition of Carnival of Trash. This month it's being hosted by the lovely Mrs Green over at So if you have a blog and want to submit an article, please do so by clicking on this link. We would like to welcome as many people as possible to join in.

Now that should keep everyone busy while I'm enjoying the Alpine views.

And if you're looking for even more inspiration, pop back tomorrow for my latest You Tube discovery.



Anonymous said...

Missing you already :( I really hope that someone steps up to the 30 day challenge; it would be a shame if things ground to a halt.

There's lots of interest in the Carnival; it should be a real fest :)

And good luck to the residents of Norfolk!

Almost Mrs Average said...

Thanks Mrs G - Miss you too. It's funny how my habits of checking in every day...and even several times at that...are so engrained, that even when I'm off enjoying myself, it's hard to free up your thoughts.

While over here on holiday, I see new things everytday that I just want to show you. But in time and a series of a few short-ish posts, I will.

Looks like you're having a ball on your website and I love the new offers. Well done...and with the excitement of the up and coming carnival too....ooops, I still haven't submitted anything...I'm off to do that now ;-D x

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