Friday, 18 July 2008

My Birthday Compost Bin

Thank you to everyone for my birthday wishes. I had such a great time with Ruby in London celebrating the last day of my thirties. We wined, dined, bought recycled jewellery made from old cutlery and took photos of bins.

Ooooh I know how to live.

But to celebrate my birthday today I decided to treat myself to something really special... the form of

.....a new compost bin!

For the last decade one compost bin has served us well.

But to see us through the next decade I decided we needed a second.

However this is no ordinary bin, as you'll see in the video below.

To explore its other exceptional features, have a click on my new You Tube channel....ooh the wonders of technology!

However, what worries me now is that all the fruit and veg peelings I throw in are at risk of being tossed back out.

Oh well, you live and learn.

Anyway, I've got a birthday to celebrate, cards to open and some presents too....not to mention all those candles to blow out.

Er...that's if Mr A has remembered the cake. there a cake? it home-made?

...or will it come with packaging?

Ooh the intrigue...the suspense...the anticipation...

...and a cliff-hanger to boot!

So will I have my cake and eat it?...

...all will be revealed next week.




Mrs Green said...

Happy birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Mrs A............
Happy Birthday to you


Have a wonder full day and enjoy the cake.

Mrs G x

Danda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Mrs. A.!!!!

Enjoy your time, hit the city, and smile! Life is still full of happyness, emotions, and good novelties for you!!!
Hope you'll have a wonderful party with home made flavors and gifts you are desirous of! ;-D


Jane said...

Happy birthday. Thank you for all the packaging and waste disposal inspiration over the past few months.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! 40 is so young:)
BTW - your composter appears to be the same one we bought from our Environmental Services here in SW Florida! Bellen

mel said...

Happy birthday!

Mel x

just Gai said...

Happy 40th Mrs A.

Genius walking talking compost bin!


Thank you Mrs Green, a lovely sing-song. And the cake was delicious ;-D

Hi Danda - thank you. I had a fantastic time and the gifts were fabulous. Thank you again for your suprise email. It was great ;-D

Hi Jane - thank you for the words of encouragement. I used to think I was just mad and lonely. Blogging has been a great way to prove that there are many people out there who think the same, so thank you for joining in. It means a lot. ;-D

Hi Bellen - LOL. Thanks for visiting and for the birthday wishes...and there was I thinking the compost bin was unique...hee hee...glad to know that others have similar models :-D

Hi Mel - thanks for the birthday wishes. How I wish I could have come to York for some cake at a famous hotspot. With Ruby arriving in town, maybe next year ;-D

Hi Just Gai - thank you...and just think who knows where home-composting technology will be by the time I'm 50. My bets are on a replica dalek, with an automatic voice system, which says "You will be composted" whenever contents are added...please someone can you invent such a thing, it would give a whole new meaning to pester power as kids everywhere feel even more inspired to compost at home. ;-D

Jo Beaufoix said...

On catch up as usual at the moment. That has to be the cutest compost bin in the whole of the UK. I want one. :D


LOL - That's my kind of catchup. It is cute isn't it. Hope you're well ;-D

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