Friday, 4 July 2008

Birthday Musings: Part 5. The Awards Ceremony

What a funny old week. One day I’m neurotic the other I’m relieved. What a real old bag of emotions I’ve turned out to be. All because of a birthday party. But the truth is out...I’m a batty old bird, who was brave enough to say “no presents please” to the first few recipients of the party invitations, then scuttled back to my nest thinking forget it.

Anyway, as tradition has it, the thank you cards are being written and will be winging their way to friends and family soon. And we truly grateful for the presents that have been given to Little T this week, so thank you to all our friends and family. You've all been very kind.

However having anticipated, unwrapped and opened, it's now time for the AMABAs, Almost Mrs Average's Birthday Awards.

So from the podium, I am pleased to announce the first award, as declared by Little T himself.

Yes, the first award is for Little T's most played with present...the one that he won't leave home without

...The nominees in this category are The Corgi Twisterz, Twist and Launch Car Transporter, The Magnetic Fishing Game, Roary Racing Car Books, Groovy glue stick, Garden sticky ball game, and the Crayola Create Your Own Racing Snails.

So cue-drum roll and air of anticipation.

Ladies and gentlemen...(rustle of paper for effect)... I am pleased to announce the undisputed winner is....

The Corgi Twisterz, Twist and Launch Car Transporter...

Round of applause please. And to the other nominees, thank you, thank you, thank was very close and time will know how fickle kids can be.

But moving swiftly the next category, the one where it took time to open, with twisting bits here, twisting bits there...

Yes, the next award is for the Most Overpackaged Children's Toy.

...The nominees in this category are...The Corgi Twisterz, Twist and Launch Car Transporter

erm....just one nominee? That can only mean the outright winner for the category of overpackaged children's toy is the...

The Corgi Twisterz, Twist and Launch Car Transporter...

... which even comes with a few of these...whatever they are called.

In fairness the overpackaging on this item isn't as bad as some toys I've seen in the past. However why Corgi need to strap the toy to the box, I really don't understand. After the thank you cards have all gone, I will also send a card to Corgi, telling them that Little T doesn't really need the extra bits of plastic that came with it thank you very much. He'd much rather whip the toy straight out of the box and play, play, play!

So that's what we're off to do. With the weekend upon us and lots of toys to play with, we're off to have fun.

But before I go, I'd just like to thank everyone again, not quite a Gwyneth Paltrow moment, but enough to say, thanks to everyone who participated in Little T's birthday and to the readers who have sent birthday wishes. It's been a fun week...and one more time...Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend and see you next week for some more fun and games.



Mrs Green said...

Ack! don't start me on the whole toys packaging issue. You wouldn't believe what you get with a doll. The poor things are tied by their necks to a backing with a piece of plasticised wire.........

Glad the party went well and a jolly Birthday was had by all :)

Mrs G x


Hi Mrs G - Toy that is such a topic in itself, so much wasted tat! I'll get my teeth into that one for Christmas xxx

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