Thursday, 24 July 2008


I fell in love with WALL-E as soon as I saw the movie trailer. So yesterday I took my six year old bin monitor to the cinema to see what this summer's animated blockbuster is all about.

We had a great time, but rather than tell you all about it myself, I'll leave you in the hands of Little J, to give you his point-of-view.

Who's WALL-E?

He's a robot who lives on earth in a little shelter and has to clean up the planet all by himself. The planet was a mess. There were piles and piles and piles and piles and piles and piles and piles and piles and piles and piles and piles and piles of litter everywhere and WALL-E makes them into big tall piles.

How many points would you give the film?


What was the best bit?

All of it!

What was the worst bit?

The free watch. That was rubbish. It didn't even fit me properly.

Thank you Little J, we both enjoyed the film and I hope it will encourage more people to think about the impact of landfill on the planet.....but it doesn't help matters when every child going to see the movie at our local cinema was given a free watch!

It really is a trashy bit of unnecessary merchandising, so Pixar and Cineword...shame on you. If WALL-E becomes a reality, he'll be busy clearing up millions of these useless objects 700 years in the future.

The adverts don't help either. One was for the WALL-E computer game, contributing to the major problem of stuff. But apparently we needn't worry if we find ourselves drowning in a huge sea of stuff, because the Big Yellow Storage advert showed us we could just package it up and hide it away in their warehouses. Geez the world's gone mad!

At least the good news from my visit yesterday is that Cineworld is starting a recycling programme for all the rubbish that's left behind by cinema-goers...and not a moment too soon.

As you can see, the summer holidays have kicked off big style. If you haven't seen WALL-E yet and you want to find out more, check out this You Tube trailer.



John Costigane said...

Hi Mrs A,
Sorry to hear about the plastic mess handed out at the film. They love it! An other way to look at the picture is to show that romance can thrive in a landfill site. Humans can join in too. Remember to bring a peg for the nose, a face mask for the poisoned air and a fly swatter for entertainment. Romance is not dead!

KZ said...

Loved your child's review of the movie. My husband and a friend of his went last week, but apparently they were not in the demographic for the film.

I noticed the other day that Disney (I think) is merchandising the heck out of this - most notably with a $200 + robot character. My thoughts on this excess, both the plastic and the cost, are not printable. Great, a movie about what we have done to the planet and the oodles of merchandise to go with it. Too bad they did not understand the message of their own movie.

We can only weep for what will soon happen to our planet.

Anonymous said...

Saw the movie in the States - we did not get any free stuff - YEA for us!! As products of the 60s with parents from the Depression, we were both raised frugally with a distinct distaste for junk, especially plastic junk.

We think kids might get more out of this movies than many adults - many of us are too jaded.

Mrs Green said...

I'd never heard of the movie, so thank your little man for the review please!

I'm shocked at the merchandising; that's so disappointing :(

HO hum,
Maybe your man should write a letter returning his watch?

Mrs G x


Hi John - great to see you on the blog. Hope things are going well with you up in Scotland. LOL at the landfill love story...hmm, I can see a new plot developing. Maybe that will be the next blockbuster for grown-ups ;-D

Hi KZ - thank you so much for visiting and taking time to leave the comment. It's great that your husband went along with his friend...send more of your friends along, the more the merrier and the bigger the sense of urgency. OMG that robot character sounds excessive. This plays a huge part in the problem. The saddest thing is such toys are loved for a few brief moments compared to their lifetime on earth...a lifetime that is longer than that of each human being ;-D

Hi Anonymous, thanks too for dropping in and taking the time to comment. That's good news that your cinema wasn't handing such things out so willy nilly. At least if the kids understand the issues, they can use the right type of pester power on their parents, before they are distracted by the next gimmick.

Hi Mrs G - It took a while to get this review out of little J. I think it was the microphone and the recording device (aka my mobile phone) that put him off, causing him to zip it until Mr A came home and asked him about the film. I then turned mother cum journo, making quick notes while he was on a roll. LOL. I had been hoping to record his verbal review for prosterity. At least I've got it in typed form hee hee.

If you get a chance, do try and take Little Miss Green to see WALL-E. I'm sure she'll love it. It's a great film, but the first half is definitely the best.

As for that tacky watch.... I'm going to keep hold of it as evidence (quite for what I don't know but sounds dramatic) but I'm going to unearth whose bright idea it was and get to the bottom of that sounds even more dramatic, in a twee Miss Marple kind of way.

Or I could go all Scooby Doo....If it wasn't for those pesky kids....LOL.

Better stop there, before I end up writing a whole post on the comments page alone. ;-D x

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