Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Recycling School Friends - The Update

Remember my recent news about introducing recycling at our school fayre?

Well the fayre went ahead at the weekend and true to my word I set up a recycling centre. It's a bit primitive looking I know, but it did the job and even survived the wind and the amazing heavy downpour of rain.

With bags available for plastic cups and containers, plastic bags, cans, tetra paks, as well as paper and card, the system was generally quite effective.

....especially as we saved this amount of "rubbish" from landfill...

.... leaving just two bags of real rubbish to put in the landfill bin.

I did get some ribbing over taking photos of recycling...but I couldn't resist...blog fodder and all that.

The best news is that the summer fayre helped to raise an extra £1200 to towards our imaginary world, which is what the event was really about.

ADDENDUM: Not school friends us such, but recently acquired recycling friends Mr & Mr Green over at myzerowaste.com have just been awarded Red Hot Blog of the Day by RedOrbit. Please take a visit and show your congratulations for their superb efforts and find out a new thing or two about Mr Green.



Anonymous said...

**stands up and applauds** well done hon - that's fabulouso.

I know what you mean about photo fodder; I found myself wandering around the recycling centre yesterday with camera in hand LOL!

What a brilliant day you had saving the landfill and making some money. I hope you get lots of positive feedback on this one and this is just a beginning.

Much respect,
Mrs G x

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Mrs G - thank you and huge congratulations to you too. I've just visited and noticed your Red Hot news. Now that needs some applause. Well done. I'm so impressed I've added your news to the post for others to have a gander ;-D xxx

Rev. Peter Doodes said...

Great!!! You have made people THINK... and that is a dangerously life-changing thing to do to anyone.

Our waste this week was high, but for a good reason. I did a litter pick on grass verges and hedges that run along the country lane where we live to the 'major' road about 1.2 miles away, result almost one and a half STONE of waste.

This included bottles, cans, one LH wellington boot, one RH shoe, half a wash hand basin, the odd item of clothing and other items. I would have liked to have sorted them out but the smell was so utterly vile (I am not certain what was in some bottles and on some of the paper, but I had a good idea) that I couldn't do it.

So consider this a confessional item, at least the stuff is better where it is than where it was!

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Peter - Thank you for your support, I am a firm believer that simple actions in community groups such as schools can have the most amazing effect. Good on you for doing the litter pick...but what a shocking amount of litter. I've never understood the mystery of single shoes (even though I am the not so proud owner of one single slipper). If we lived in Australia, they would be able to be put to good use: http://www.ebility.com/shoes/
I'm now determined to hunt down something similar in the UK for that slipper that's lurking only yards from my bin. :-D

Jo Beaufoix said...

Well done, that is brilliant. What a fantastic idea. Makes me think about broaching the idea at Miss E's school.

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Jo - That would be brilliant. Please broach it and point them in this direction for ideas ;-D

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful act of service you have done. And what a great weight off the verges and hedges of the UK.

I find it sad to see so much litter around at times; so thoughtless.

We found two black bags of rubbish this week, but like you, we weren't able to separate it all. I'm sure most of it was paper, but you have to be so careful as people throw all sorts of things away........

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