Monday, 28 July 2008

WRAP CEO thanks consumer campaigners whilst making a big announcement

Today was good news day as the Waste & Resources Action Programme WRAP, the agency which helps industry and consumers reduce waste and recycle more, announced that the amount of waste packaging in the UK grocery sector has halted despite increased sales in 2007.


New figures reported by The Telegraph show that there had been no increase in packaging used by supermarkets and high street stores since 2006 when results weighed in at 2.843 tonnes. This means that the industry has met the first target of the Courtauld Agreement which was set to design out packaging waste growth and can now focus on reducing the amount further, to meet packaging waste targets for 2010.

In its press release announcing the news, WRAP CEO Liz Goodwin thanked consumer campaigners for "helping to push the issue of packaging further up the agenda.”

So I guess we should keep up the good work, keep writing those letters and making those phone calls, because to quote a famous marketing catchphrase,

"Every Little Helps"



Mrs Green said...

thanks for sharing the news, Mrs A. Indeed, the drum I like to bang goes along the lines of everyone doing their bit adds up to a lot of change.

This is good news and a step in the right direction.......


Morning Mrs G. You're absolutely right. And if visitors pop over to your site and take a look at your new spangling's a fine example of how we can all make a difference. ;-D x

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