Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Walking the wheelie bin

I hope the local paparazzi weren't out with their cameras last night.

If so there will be photos knocking about of a mad old bird taking her wheelie bin for walk.

That's right, you heard...a wheelie bin!

Most people walk their dogs, there's a lady in town who walks her ferrets and I have known some people to walk their cats...but a wheelie bin! This is how folklore starts.

"Remember the lady who used to take her wheelie bin for a walk around the streets of Moreton Hall?"

"Yes...a jolly figure, who would wave at the passers by with one hand, and wheel with the other"

"Every Monday if I remember."

"I wonder what happened to her."

"Probably moved into the recycling centre...what with the cost of fuel."

Well before there is a risk of any rumour circulating the cafe-bars of Bury St Edmunds, there was indeed a funny looking lady wheeling her bin through the streets of Moreton Hall.

It was indeed me, but trust me it's a one-off. I've not got in the routine of giving the bin some regular exercise. If nothing else, it's pretty slim these days so doesn't need it.

I was in fact preparing for today's recycling assembly at our local school and people would have stared if I delivered it during the middle of the school run and that wouldn't do. I'm not the kind of girl to stop traffic and I didn't want to start today!

So the bin is waiting for the 149 kids to have a guess at how much rubbish is in there, having not put it out for six weeks.

So pop back later for an update. That's if I make it back in one piece of course and haven't been recycled myself.


Mrs Green said...

Hmmm, now how on earth am I supposed to follow that post with a comment? :D

I'm just eager to hear how the assembly goes - I think you'll be fab and all the children will love you. You'll be the talk of the neighbourhood one way or another ;)

Mrs G x


Hee Hee Mrs G, I am back...I think you're right. I will be the talk of the neighbourhood at this rate. ;-D x

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