Monday, 1 September 2008

A date to remember

As I settle down with a glass of wine, I know today will be a date to remember.

Yes, 1 September 2008, a date which I hope will go down in history, representing a time when people all over the country, indeed the world, got together to celebrate one family's Zero Waste Week challenge.

What's new about that you might say. I've done it, others have done what's special this time?

Before I answer that question, I'm going to savour another sip of wine, a cheeky little Rosé number by the way, a 2007 Côtes de Provence. Mr A calls this my Ronnie Corbett moment, interspersed with a touch of Harry Hill, finding myself going completely off subject several times over before finally going back to the topic.

So, back to the topic of the one family that I would truly like to applaud today and spend some special time with. Of course it's none other than Mr and Mrs Green over at, who are starting their Zero Waste Week today.

What's different about these guys is that, unlike me, they didn't wait around for a council initiative to come tapping on their door to give it ago. I know, I know, it was me who rang their virtual doorbell, but that doesn't matter in the great scheme of things. What's important is where I was accompanied by 180 people dotted all over St Edmundsbury having a go at a ZWW challenge, Mr and Mrs Green are on their own over in The Forest of Dean...

...or so we might think.

They may be tucked up on a windy night in their little village, but by no means are they on their own....I've just had a peek and if my maths is up to scratch they have 107 people who have already made pledges of support, with promises to give up this, recycle that or try something new for their Zero Waste Week.

I made my very own pledge last week, to give up my recent frenzy for Quavers crisps, a habit that's developed over the last few months. Yes I know crisp packets can't be recycled, so if you're on a Zero Waste diet they shouldn't be entertained, but you know, I have my foibles, which is why they were a perfect pledge.

With Mr & Mrs G having had a fantastic start, including a flirtation with the local media, I am confident that we are the brink of social change, as more and more people make small changes to reduce their rubbish. That's right small changes are all that's needed to help make a huge difference.

And talking about change, I've got to scoot to get ready for the first day back at school and my youngest's very first day in class, a more personal date to remember. So I'll be back later this week to tell you more about those innocent looking crisp packets and what life is really like six months on from my own Zero Waste Week back in March.



Strawberry Jam Anne said...

We have been recycling for quite a few years now, the usual paper, cans, bottles etc. I love e-cards, though admit that I don't use them exclusively and re-usable bags are now a mandatory part of the weekly shopping trip. But it wasn't until I began reading your blog Mrs A that I really thought about how much waste we do still produce.

So, I shall seriously be looking into this - small beginnings you know!

A x

PS - my youngest grand-daughter starts school today too, will think of her and your boy. x

Anonymous said...

bless you, hon - lovely post; thank you! And we have one of those calenders in pink LOL!

It's been an amazing start to the week, but I'm looking forward to a much quieter day today. I think the sun might be putting in an appearance so time away from the computer is called for.

Thanks for everything. The responses to our pledge and win has been amazing - and thank you for adding up the figures, I couldn't be bothered to do that last night LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs A,

The Green family pledges have really gone well. It must bring back your own memory of Zero Waste Week.

Chir hsa posted her final magazine entry. We get a mention.


emmat said...

quavers are too too good

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Anne - thanks so much for that. It's always good to hear the efforts that everyone else makes and the growing awareness of what can be done. It all helps to reassure me that I'm not mad. It is amazing isn't it how things have crept up on us over the last few decades. When I stop and look at what my children have today compared with what I had at their age, it just stops me in my tracks. They are happy but so was I, with less.

Thanks for your kind wishes for the start of school today. My bin saboteur had a fantastic morning and my eldest settled into his new class too. Hope your grand-daughter had a good time as well and that mum and dad also coped fine. ;-D x

Hi Mrs G - all fully deserved. LOL at your pink calendar. What year does yours go up to? This is our last so in true zero waste style, I'll be making a 2009 to make it last longer. Hope you've had a lovely day and are enjoying the whole experience. Long may the pledges continue :-D

Hi John - They're doing brilliantly aren't they. Huge pats on the back there. Good to talk to you earlier and as for the mention on Chris' blog, I can't help think it was down to your great contribution. ;-D

Hi Emma - thanks so much for dropping by and for reminding me that yes Quavers are too too good. I now want some, especially after seeing a whole box in our school fundraising committee's cupboard...someone, please, please help me. I must get through the week ;-D

Anonymous said...

:D You are doing so well - fancy not indulging at school and throwing the packet with glee into THEIR bin; you are a true stalwart.

As for the year of the calender - I'm not sure 2011 I think. I'll have to check it and start making some more 'years' for it :D

Anonymous said...

Hi again Mrs A,

Thanks for the kind comments.

My view was that the posts on the final topic where I, then Tracey, followed by Mrs Green and finally with your post which I seconded, gave readers, and opponents haha!, a true picture about the strength of our support.

Tracey's campaign, against superstore packaging, was mentioned on MyZeroWaste and could prove a big hit. I will be check-out emptying tomorrow, desiccated coconut.


Jo Beaufoix said...

Go Mrs green. And hope the first day at school was ok. Hugs.

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