Friday, 16 January 2009

Cosmetic changes in the bathroom cabinet


Gill - That British Woman said...

for some reason I couldn't get the You Tube video to work? I didn't know that the UK had Lush, I'm not a huge fan of theirs, though have to say I am interested in the shampoo bars as they look different. Do they have conditioning bars as well? I dye my hair so need to condition my hair.

Gill in Canada

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Gill - so sorry I can't help regarding the video, but at least you've saved yourself from my gurning. LOL.

I too was never a fan of Lush before I tried the shampoo bars mainly because I've always found the smell of the shop far too overpowering. The good news is there is a conditioner bar called Jungle. I've not used it though, as I just stick to the shampoo bars. The best thing about these products is not only do they help reduce packaging but there are fewer bottles to juggle in the shower. It's just a shame they contain SLSs. :-D

Anonymous said...

have left you an award over on my blog, love the video of you fiona

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs A,

Well done with the video. It certainly adds to the written word and you are a natural for the screen.

Boots are joining in with the Zero Waste and will be worth a visit: the more companies the merrier.

The Lush forum is worth a look and I have posted some Zero Waste ideas.

Anonymous said...

Hi again Mrs A,

SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) helps create the foam in soap, tothpaste, shampoo and foam bath. It is well known that if you get shampoo in your eyes, they sting.

There are scare stories, some by those with a financial interest in alternatives (which have their own chemicals). Baldness is also a claim- haha. My dad was so I am bald, simple.

Health agencies say it is safe to use, though further research should be done.

Anonymous said...

Lovely video Mrs A! I've slimmed by bathroom cabinet dramatically. It's not perfect, but there is very little in there compared to most women, I'm sure of it. I did that around the time I was pregnant (didn't want any nasty chemicals getting through my skin while carrying LMG) and then I found I never got back into things - didn't have the time LOL!
Great to see there are some solutions out there and I'm sure zero waste choices will continue to grow.

Have a great weekend,
Mrs G x (oh!, little mention for you in Green Parent this month. ;) )

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Always worth asking then Mrs A - nothing ventured, nothing gained. A x

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Me again - to let you know that there is an award awaiting you at my place - hope you will accept. A x

esther said...

would'nt it be great if lush would make make up as well? I personally use MAC, but that's because they don't test on if Dior and others still do...the bottles of the foundation are made of glass...but I don't thing we can recycle the top (I don't have the dispenser, so save on that...)

Almost Mrs Average said...

Oh my word - I can't believe how behind I am with the comments folks. It was that kind of weekend - I'm so sorry.

Firstly Fiona - thank you so much for your comments AND for the award...that's so exciting. Can't wait to blog about it and pass it on, which I will do next week :-D

Hi John - LOL, my videos leave much to be desired. A director and a camera operator for starters, not to mention a script. However be warned, I'm beginning to enjoy my Heath Robinson approach with my camera I warned. :-D

Anyway - thanks for the info about Lush and the SLS. Baldness LOL. That would mean the majority of the population would be following suit. :-D

Hi Mrs G - Glad you liked it and a wise move regarding reducing your dependency on toiletries during pregnancy. I can't remember being that in-tune at the time of mine. However one thing I did learn was that babies do not need bubbles in their bathwater...and have followed suit ever since. With the exception of the odd bath bomb, there are no added bubbles to be seen in the kids' bathtime routine. Yat - thanks for the mention in Green Parent. Tried to get it at Waitrose this weekend, but it wasn't there. I'll give 'em a ring to see when it's coming :-D

Hi Anne - so true. It is ALWAYS worth never know. And wow, thanks too for the award. Two awards in one day makes a girl very happy. I'm now going to have to figure which dress to wear when I hand them over to some fine and deserving bloggers :-D

Hi Esther - It would be fab wouldn't it. I've had MAC recommended to me before in the context of the fact that you can take their lipsticks back. It was Alex in Norfolk if I remember correctly. According to the Sales Advisor, Dior don't test on animals either. Gave it up a while ago apparently, which is fab. I can't wait to test out the refillable cosmetics from Naturisimo though. Of course, that is when my old ones run out :-D

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