Thursday, 15 May 2008

The Centenary Post

Would you 'Adam and Eve' it! This is the 100th post for The Rubbish Diet, which started just a few months ago in January.

I can't believe it was just four months ago.

It seems much longer than that.

I am also amazed that until this week, I haven't needed to put out the bin for 10 whole weeks (since the weigh-in at the beginning of March).

Before I started the blog, I had to put out the bin every couple of weeks because if I missed a collection there would be trouble...and nobody likes dealing with a backlog of waste!

The only reason I had to put it out this time was because of a polystyrene mishap...

...a tray which came with a meat joint that I picked up from a local farmers' market a couple of weeks ago.

Just one irregularity!

I obviously hadn't washed it out properly and the bin began to smell.

Oh...and there was the dead bird that the cats left on the doorstep....bad cats!

But have a peek at the contents of the bin!

...those bags sitting at the bottom represent 10 weeks of our family's landfill rubbish.

It's a shame to throw it away really (yes, really) as I am confident I could have gone for a whole year without having to put out that bin.

But little rubbish! That's not a bad way to celebrate the centenary post!



Despairing said...

Congratulations on your Hot 100!

mel said...

Woohoo! Go you & your almost-empty bin! I'm not quite at your level yet, but I am down to one (swing-bin size) bag a month, rather than one a week.

Thanks so much for the post on tights the other day - I have to wear tights for work and go through them at a rate of knots so it's great to know they can be put to such good use.



Hi Despairing - thanks for the congratulations. I love your new cartoon by the's fab and looks suitably despairing ;-D

Hi Mel - thanks and wow that's really great work on the bin. LOL, I still can't believe I find other people's bins so interesting. Glad to have helped out on the tights front. I remember the numbers I used to get through when I worked in an office. Meeting Ruby today, so no doubt there might be more talk about Rubbish ;-D

Mrs Green said...

for TEN WEEKS you haven't had to put your bin out - geesh; that is utterly amazing. The whole bin thing seems to be a real struggle point for me at the moment.

You are such an inspiration. I know in my heart that we shouldn't produce so much waste, but I've been sucked into a life of so called 'convenience' I think.

I really need to get my butt into gear! Well done you though; what a great post to celebrate your 100th with :)

Mrs G c

Baba said...

Obviously add massive Baba congrats to your wonderful achievements!! Although I'm a bit worried that the Biscuiteer packaging may not have all been recyclable...sorry! XXX


Hi Baba - Thanks ;-D
Also thanks for the biscuit and don't be worried, the packaging was not all bad. They could perhaps have ditched the stick on delivery note cover, but that's all. xxxxx


Hi Mrs Green - belated thanks for the lovely comments. I think I must have been busy emailing you directly...ooops sorry about that. But I wanted to say publicly that I think you do a grand job too, and I'd love to be on hand to help ;-D x

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