Monday, 26 May 2008

Video Week: The Story of Stuff

As this is Half Term and I am out having fun with the kids (in the rain), I am declaring this The Rubbish Diet Video Week. Every day I will be publishing a video clip, some of which have been sent in by readers.

It's easy blogging material I know, but I won't have much access to the PC this week and will save any special anecdotes for when the kids are back at school.

So without further ado, I would like to introduce the The Story of Stuff, which has been circulating the Internet for months. If you haven't seen it, it makes excellent viewing, particularly with regard to the waste cycle. The following clip is just an introduction, but you can see the full story at

Thanks to John at Interred for the suggestion.



John Costigane said...

Annie Leonard's blog gives an excellent description of the current wasteful system. Sustainability is the wave of the future and your Zero Waste drive is a positive contribution to that end.


Thanks John. What's great to hear is when I talk to friends and family, many are saying the same thing. Something is definitely happening in society.

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