Wednesday, 21 May 2008

The Experimental Kitchen

Welcome to my experimental kitchen.

I know it looks pretty small and it really is this tiny.

This photo shows only half the room. The other half is about the same size.

It comes straight out of the comic book of modern house-building, which for a family of four, can only be out-done by marketing literature for London bedsits.

I used to think our kitchen was too small for proper baking, but since getting rid of the microwave and recently off-loading the breadmaker on Freecycle, I am grateful for the extra space.

And believe me, that's welcome space in which I can happily don my imaginary white coat and turn into the mad scientist that I become when faced with an ordinary bag of flour. All for the cause of reduced packaging!

However, after my recent successes in home-baking, I feel that I should be a responsible blogger and dispel any myths that I could successfully challenge Nigella in the royal court of domestic godessdom.

In all honesty, I feel more like Dr Frankenstein than a Domestic Goddess.

Take yesterday's experiment with Quiche Lorraine for example. I was suitably encouraged by Kate's comments on my Apple Pie post, so dug out an old recipe that's been knocking around since my college days.

Perhaps I should be ashamed to admit that it looked more like burnt pizza! Surely you'd expect something better from a woman bordering on 40 years of age. Personally I blame it on the old cheese and too much heat but do forgive me if that sounds like the onset of early menopause.

At least the culinary version of Frankenstein's Monster was more appetizing to the tastebuds than its visual appeal. It got the thumbs up from our resident food critic, aka Mr A, who even went back for seconds.

So perhaps my continued experiments with pastry have been worthwhile after all. I am even convinced that pastry-making is ready for a fashionable comeback.

And if that's the case, maybe I should consider a kitchen extension?

With a bigger space, who knows what I might achieve!



Ruth said...

Any forays into home improvement will seriously scupper your beautiful empty bins!


LOL Ruth - I think you're right. Safer to stick to the cupboard that is my kitchen ;-D

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