Friday, 30 May 2008

Video Week: Worm Poop and Fire Logs

Thanks to David at Sustained Magazine for sharing this video with me (he's cool and so is the magazine!)

Somehow David knew I would be interested in worm poop and I thought you would be too.

The featured video focuses on a US company called TerraCycle, which is innovative in its Zero Waste product development model. The company uses waste rather than creates it.

What I particularly love about its Worm Poop product is that it is packaged in plastic bottles that have been collected and re-used (not recycled). This means that the products come in all shapes and sizes and not some standardised bottle shape...and there lies the beauty of a manufacturing process that fits our contemporary world.

The CEO, Tom Szaky, writes the Eco-Capitalist blog at, where he promotes the benefits of breaking away from the traditional business model. For anyone else considering Zero Waste manufacturing opportunities, it really is worth a look.



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