Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Easier done than said: Bread Rolls

Yesterday morning, I made some bread rolls. I know...I nearly fell off my own chair!

It all resulted from a conversation that I had with my husband over breakfast, reminiscing about our stay in a French guest-house last year and remembering how lovely the breakfasts were.

It was all down to Madame Marty and her ability to afford time to making her own jams, yoghurt and bread rolls. One morning while chatting to Mme Marty, she asked me what I did. When I told her that I was a housewife, she nodded almost in solidarity and conversed in a way that assumed I made the same lovely things as she did.

It's funny the things people assume. She was surprised when I explained that I didn't.

Assumptions of course arise from perception, either based on people's own experiences, or on what they understand to be true. This is why when people make such assumptions, it's almost like being presented with a self-reflection and if appropriate, it can also be an opportunity for positive change.

My own assumption was that bread rolls were difficult to make. A whole year later, after following some instructions on the Crazy Squirrel site yesterday morning, I now know that not to be true.

Like the pastry the other day, the rolls were surprisingly easy to make and the kneading didn't take too long. They were also much better than the loaves that we sometimes make in the bread machine.

I'd now like to think I could build baking bread into my regular routines. Not only is it nicer but saves on packaging too ... but all I can say is watch this space as I add it to the other million-and-one things on my to-do list.


Baba said...

Oh good for you!! I could smell the bread when I looked at your picture - they look great!! I've taken to making chutney which has been a great success (thanks to the BBC Good Food mag!). Its helping in our attempt to buy and use local fruit / veg and, since I've bought some lovely little glass clip jars, it means we are saving loads on shopping and packaging.....we usually go through lots of chutney and sauces!!

Cybèle said...

Do you know how easy it is to make your own yoghurt? And how good homemade yoghurt tastes?

Jo Beaufoix said...

Wow, well done. They look amazing.


Hi baba - Chutney, yum. Perhaps we should do swapsies next time I see you ;-D

Hi Cybèle - Yoghurt, you've reminded me. I must post about yoghurt. I'm a convert. I've been making yoghurt for about three weeks now. I will blog about it soon. I am just getting over my failure to make it in a flask. I ended up buying an electronic yoghurt maker instead. But it works for me. Must remember to blog that soon. Perhaps I should have an Easier Done than Said feature once a week, with lots of little challenges...and other people can also send in their own stuff....hmmm food for thought, but I like it.

Cheers Jo - I'm pleased that it's not just a one off either. Made some yesterday as well as having plans to make more today. It's quite therapeutic in a funny old way.

mel said...

I love baking bread, but as I work for a bakery there's little point doing it nowadays... instead I do my bit to reduce work's waste by bringing home as many left-over loaves as I can fit into my freezer/ give to my neighbours.

You'll be pleased to hear that nearly all of our packaging is paper-based, so compostable/ recyclable, AND all staff are encouraged to minimise use of it, despite the best efforts of some of our customers: I've had people buy a single small item (say, a scone) which, naturally, I'll pop into a small paper bag, then they'll ask for (actually, more like demand) a carrier bag for it! I wish I could say this was a rarity, but it happens on a pretty regular basis. Yes, we've on the York tourist-trail, and yes, our bags are pretty smart looking, but it's still a ridiculous waste of resources.

(Rant over!)

On the home waste-side, I'm afraid I've had a little hiccup this week - you may have spotted me begging for help on the Wiggly blog. I was a bad worm-mummy, I over-fed them AND left a gap between layers & flies got in... yuk! Karen gave me lots of helpful advice, though, and it seems to be getting better, I just can't feed them any more for a couple of weeks. I'm going to need a b-i-g hole to bury the bokashi in this month!



Hi Mel - I saw your message the other day while I was waiting for a very late bus (waiting for a whole hour!). It did cheer me up so thank you!

I wish you lived near me, as I might tap you for a few loaves. However, I am enjoying bread making. Surprisingly I love the kneading bit!
But great news regarding the efforts your bakery goes to regarding handing out bags. Perhaps recycled paper bags might be a useful replacement for plastic carriers. Ruby is in York at the moment. If you fancy doing a plug for your bakery, I'll see if she can pop in.

Anyway, poor wormery. I think I'll be calling for Karen's advice too.

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