Friday, 8 August 2008

Le Recyclage en Vacances: # 4: An Udder Way

Hmm…. So….Mr A thinks he's having a holiday eh!

No more sorting. No more washing out lots of recyclables! No more worrying about stuff that can’t be recycled beyond our holiday village.

Well, guess what I’ve found, tucked away at the entrance of a local supermarket.

A rare find, and so perfect for recycling our milk bottles! Another tick in the recycling box!

On our last full day in Switzerland, you could say it’s a case of All’s well that ends well!

Well I suppose it was…

…until Mr A went off to buy some more milk,

…venturing out on his own, with nothing but a reusable bag and his best Franglais.

He happily returned with the white stuff, fresh pasteurised milk, which was a challenge in itself given the propensity for UHT over here.

But as for the packaging…. it was most definitely a case of Tetra Pak strikes again. Just when I thought we had the system cracked eh!

There's no recycling bank for this kind of stuff in Leysin, so they are counted as rubbish and are sent off to the incinerator to create energy.

But waste is waste, whether it's creating energy or not, so before we head back to Old Blighty, perhaps I should set Mr A, le bin saboteur just one more Zero Waste challenge.

After all, this is Switzerland and there’s more than one way to milk a cow.

So Monsieur A, grab a stool and a bucket…and in the words of Shania Twain from her very own chalet in Switzerland…I think it’s a case of…LET’S GO GIRLS!

What was that Mr A?


Funny that...he's decided to decline my offer of a tour of the local cow farm tonight, in favour of packing.

Oh well.... I tried!

Anyone for Café au Lait?



Anonymous said...

I have spent rainy interludes reading your blog and confess I am hooked on the rubbish thing. No idea how wea re going to work this out but a 'family meeting' tonight was finished with 'pinky promises' of all sorts. The famile is rather on the young side.

Have already requested my Xmas pressie be a Bokashi thing - did I spell that right?

Have phoned the council to ask about tetra paks and we can just stick our in kerb-side - whoot!

Utterly inspired

Your blog is amazing, inspiring and beautifully written - thank you.

I doubt we'll ever get down to a plaster but have decided our aim will be three carrier bags full a week - currently 2-3 black bags a week.

Hmm looking at sanitary towels and wincing but tried the mooncup and - I just couldn't get it working

And sorry for horribly long note - I guess six moneths worth in one.

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Fi - Hello and thank you for such a lovely note. LOL, it is a bit infectious isn't it. One day, you're going about your everyday business, the next you're having a fab time rooting about your bin ;-D

Sounds like you've got off to a fantastic start...especially with those Tetra Paks. Please do keep us informed of what you're up to, doesn't matter how long your messages are, it'll just be great to hear how you're getting along.

The Bokashi is a great start and what a wonderful suggestion for a Christmas pressie. As for the sanitary products, I never felt the temptation towards the mooncup, but I can confidently say that the Lollipop pads are fab. They're comfy, pretty and a worth a look at if you can. No worries if you can't. At least you know you've tried.

Good luck with the three carrier bags. You're already on the way. So sit back, enjoy the adventure and if there are any questions, just ask ;-D

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