Monday, 13 October 2008

Carnival of Trash #4

Welcome to the October 13, 2008 edition of carnival of trash. This month, it's come back home where it all started just four months ago! Not for long though, because next month it's travelling up to Mansfield to the lovely home of the most fabarooney Jo Beaufoix.

So, get your gladrags on and bang the beat for edition 4 of The Carnival of Trash, where we've got a a whole range of fabulous delights for you this month.


Cindy presents Recycled Mini Shoulder Bag posted at My Recycled, saying, "Here is my little shoulder bag purse which is crocheted from recycled plastic bags. It's a fun and quick project which uses only about 12-15 plastic bags to complete. So grab some of those bags and crochet yourself a handy little purse with this free pattern."

Mrs Green presents Little Miss Green declutters posted at MY ZERO WASTE, saying, "One sunny morning, a mother enters her daughter's bedroom and steps on something sharp......It's time for a declutter."

Tracey Smith presents Recycle your plastic - Make Sex Fantastic posted at The Book of Rubbish Ideas, saying, "Now there's a broad claim if ever I heard one!"

Reducing Waste

Katie presents More Music, Less Waste posted at A Green Fire.

Jen presents Day 76: Wasted Food, Or Not posted at The Clean Bin Project, saying, "Sorry, I'm very very late. i don't blame you if this doesn't make it in."

Jo Beaufoix presents Saving the World with the Beaufoixs posted at Jo Beaufoix.


Condo Blues presents How to Make Old Doc Martin Boots into a Hip Flower Pot posted at Condo Blues, saying, "When life gives you old Docs - make a flower pot!"

Zero Waste

Almost Mrs Average presents Colouring in the Week posted at The Rubbish Diet, saying, "When the going gets tough, the tough hunt down a rainbow"

That concludes this edition. Thanks to everyone for their fantastic submissions. To participate in the next edition, please submit your blog article using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting it again, Mrs A. I know you are busy at the moment, so appreciate you time in setting this up.
There are some great entries again and it's great to see so many people 'talking trash' :)

Mrs G x

RecycleCindy said...

Thank you so much for hosting this fun and frugal trash carnival. I love reading about trash to treasure. Keep up the great work and hope to see the next carnival even bigger. Thanks for including my post too.

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Mrs G - always a pleasure. Actually it was really nice to have it back this month. There really are some great links on there and I am chuffed to bits that people are still contributing. :-D

Hi recyclecindy - thanks for joining in and for popping by too. I really share your enthusiasm. Keep adding your news and it will help it to grow and grow. That bag is gorgeous by the way. :-D

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed it! I've added next month's carnival to my calendar and am looking forward to reading this month's posts.

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