Monday, 20 October 2008

Kids in a Fizz: Just in time for Christmas

This weekend, I took the children to their favourite cafe in Bury St Edmunds: Coffee 'n' Kids, in Langton Place, where we went to road-test their latest and most exciting party activity ever...making bath bombs! And my goodness, I would never have thought that making those fizzy things would be so blimmin' easy, or indeed so much fun.

All they had to do was gently rub a bowl full of bicarbonate of soda, which had been combined with a little citric acid. Then adding a couple of drops of yellow and blue liquid, they watched the colour of the powder gradually change before their very eyes.

They added a scent of their choice. The mixture was then sprayed with some water and scrunched together as if making dough, before being pushed into a mould, where it was left to harden. A process that didn't take long at all.

And eh presto! No sooner said than done, the kids had a couple of solid bath bombs to take home with them!

And don't they look great!

As you can probably guess, I had no trouble getting both of them in the bath that evening...or indeed the next!

Now that they are smelling a lot more fragrant than normal, the boys can't wait to have another go and experiment with the different moulds, to make hearts as well as the traditional ball.

And with Christmas around the corner, we've got just enough time to get cracking on some very special hand-made gifts that'll make a nice change from their home-made invisible bogie biscuits. You know the ones I mean...fingers in dough one minute - and when you're not looking - up the nose the next...

So you see, there's no doubt about it that these gorgeous bath bombs are a healthier option and much more pleasant too. Dried flower petals can also be added to make an extra special gift for all the aunts out there. So huge thanks to Jo, the lovely owner, for introducing us to this fizzy adventure and giving an extra special touch to our weekend. We will most definitely be back very soon.



Mrs Green said...

These are fab, aren't they and so easy and so much fun to make. I'm glad you all had a great time and erm, if I'm going to be receiving a zero waste pressie can I opt for a bathbomb rather than a bogie biscuit please LOL!

Mrs G x


Hi Mrs G - They are so simple. And I don't blame you for not wanting the biscuit ;-D

Jo Beaufoix said...

What a brilliant idea. And the invisible bogie biscuits made me giggle. Yuck. ;D


LOL Jo - bath bombs are most definitely the way to go :-D x

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