Monday, 6 October 2008

It's carnival time again

It's incredible how quickly time flies when you're having fun and next week, it's carnival time again! Yes, The Rubbish Diet will be hosting issue 4 of the Carnival of Trash.

So, if you've got something to add on the subject of waste, whether you call it trash, garbage or rubbish, your work will be welcome here.

Please submit all entries at the Carnival of Trash page which can be found at:

The deadline is 10th October.



Mrs Green said...

Waheeee! I'm looking forward to this again and hope lots of people join in - the one I hosted was a real blast with lots of great entries.

Come on folks, don't be shy; have your say on the world of trash - it effects every single one of us!

Mrs G x

Picklesmum said...

We have a new exciting recycling facility in the village!! Tetra paks! Yippee!!!

Jane said...

I saw this and thought of you:

Will try to go to Unpackaged for those photos and a report the next free weekend when its not raining.

Jo Beaufoix said...

I will try to get organized with something this time. :D


Hi Mrs G - hopefully it should be a good 'un. Thanks for the encouragement. Those who don't normally blog about rubbish have a real chance to have their say. As you say, "come on folks, don't be shy" :-D

Hi PM - great to hear from you and what fantastic news. I hope that Pickles grandma will still take your Brita filters now that you've got nothing to swap back. Or maybe you could ask your local co-op to install a recycling bin ;-D

Hi Jane - WOW thank you, that story is fantastic. Thank you for sharing.... and for those who haven't seen it yet, please do go and have a look. It just shows you what can be done with recycling if you put your mind to it. I must say, I am impressed with what that couple managed to do and I'm equally impressed with what Tesco have been up to too. If anyone's intrigued, do go and have a look at Jane's link.

Thanks for doing the Unpackaged thing. Will look forward to news of your visit (and hope it doesn't rain) ;-D

Hi Jo - thank you so much I really appreciate it. I was about to ask whether you had an update on Stinky Simon too. How's he doing these days, it's been ages since we had a good gasbag about him ;-D

just Gai said...

Dear Karen
I'm having problems sending emails at the moment so haven't been able to email you answers to your questions. Will try again this afternoon.

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