Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Surfing in Cornwall reveals Zero Waste Blogger

I was enjoying a good surf over the weekend when I stumbled across a blogger who was about to embark on his Zero Waste Week challenge, which is currently running in Cornwall.

And it's a Zero Waste Week with a difference. To see what I mean pop over to jrzerowastechallenge.blogspot.com and meet Jon Rolls. Indeed he is not just slimming his family's bin this week, but also that of his environmental consultancy Rezolve Kernow, of which he is the Executive Director.

So while Jon and his family are sorting things out on the homefront, making the most of their wormery and food digester, staff at the office are focusing on zero waste lunches and office-related packaging. They're blogging about it too. So when you've caught up with Jon's progress, go and see what the staff are up to at rezolvezerowaste.blogspot.com.



Mrs Green said...

Ooo, marvellous, another zero waste blogger. Thanks Mrs A, I shall be following Jon's progress.

Mrs G


Hi Mrs G - It's always good to get someone else chatting about rubbish. Makes me feel more normal. ;-D x

eyanharve said...

really nice information about surfing in cornwall and amazing blog.
- St Austell

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