Thursday, 16 October 2008

A turn up for the books

I'm afraid you won't find me here today. I'm having a change of scene and will be hanging out elsewhere, over at Tracey Smith's place, covering for her while she's enjoying a well-earned snooze. So do pop over and say hello. You can find me at

Addendum: I couldn't resist popping back with the news that's just come in from WRAP, announcing that the construction industry has just signed a voluntary agreement to halve the amount of waste it sends to landfill by 2012. Now that's what I call another turn up for the books.


Tracey Smith said...

......and what a pleasure it is to have you over there missus!

Karen penned a wonderful posting while I trudged back from Bristol to home....ah.....had a good kip and am ready to face the day!

Thank you chick for your words of wisdom and for being such a great friend,

Love Trace xxx


Hi Trace - always a pleasure me dear. Hope you had a good trip back and will catch up with you soon ;-D x

Mrs Green said...

Blimey ladies, I can't keep up with you both and your jet setting famous lifestyles!

Good news from WRAP, Mrs A and hope you are getting some 'me time' Tracey.

Much love to two women who I admire greatly,

Mrs G x


Thank you Mrs G - it's completely reciprocal. The funny thing was, there was Tracey saying "I'm frazzled", there was I saying "I know how you feel". There was Tracey telling me about her fanciful days doing her radio stuff and her charity work and the troubles getting home from London, the problems with car and the agony of driving from Bristol to Somerset. When I thought back to my morning of writing, market shopping, looking after the kids, going to Beavers, writing and watching Corrie, I realised I wasn't half as frazzled as she was. Bless her! :-D xxx

Tracey Smith said...

LOLOL....blimey, I sound like a right 'A' lister! Believe me, my life isn't normally that highbrow...

The London thing was smashing. I'm talking to a producer on a Channel 5 daytime show and hope to be doing a thing with them on Credit Crunch solutions...all fingers crossed.

And the NACOA (National Assoc for Children of Alcoholics) thing was lovely - I ran a session for 32 new volunteers all poised at the edge of their training to be helpline volunteers....there were lots of tears and it was wonderful, but quite emotional.

All good now. Am home, in office, (read 'shed') in peace (not pieces) and waiting to do another interview on the BBC LOLOLOL....thank god for phones...

Doing nothing tomorrow except contemplating my navel...



LOL Tracey - won't be long until you're sitting in that Channel 5 studio and there'll be a queue of people waiting outside to grab your autograph. If it comes off, can I blag myself an audience ticket? The work that you do with NACOA is utterly amazing and I could really feel the sense of emotion when we spoke last night. Hope you had a great day in the shed, had a fab interview and enjoy looking at your navel tomorrow ;-D

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