Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Jumper Jigsaw

I promise I wasn't in a bad mood when I grabbed the sharpest scissors in the house and had a go at this jumper.

It wasn't a revenge attack on Mr A's favourite clothing or anything like that.

It was more of a creative opportunity

Still concerned? Well don't be... it wasn't even his jumper.

It was in fact a long-suffering sweater that has seen good use with our 6 year old and has also been well worn (or rather worn out) by his 3 year old brother. It's been so well worn it's developed a huge hole in the sleeve and my darning skills are not up to much.

Anyway, yesterday morning I found it lurking in a decluttering bag.

It wasn't put there by me...oh no...I prefer the more indecisive approach where seemingly useless things hang around for such a long time, I'm still left wondering what I'm going to do with it a year later!

Decluttering is Mr A's speciality and he is particularly skilled in gathering unwanted items for taking to the dump (or previously landfill) and this particular bag of old clothing was destined for the textile recycling bin at the local household waste centre.

But with a sudden flash of inspiration and a scissors in hand, I took great delight in taking a few snips here and some extra snips there...

...and "Hey Presto"

From one old holey jumper, we now have a tank top!

It needs some sewing around the armholes, but I think even I can manage that.

But why stop there...?

After spotting some tatty old jeans, there was a great opportunity to create a whole new outfit.

All I can say is "my poor children", who knows what they'll think when they're older.

Now that I've got some ideas, there's a huge risk I may even try other things. It could be the start of a whole new hobby!

Perhaps Mr A should be worried. Who knows what might happen to his shirts when he's not looking.

For further inspiration, it's worth checking out the following websites, which offer a range of ideas and advice:


Fi said...

If you're getting into hacking up jumpers then visit 'Frankenknits' (get it? ;) though she seems a bit inactive at the moment:

but has stuff on Knitty:



hiro said...

hi!my name is hiro.
your site makes me so happy♪please link to my site♪
me also, often visit your site☆☆☆thank you☆


Hi Fi - thanks for that...I love the Frankenknits name. hee hee. How are you getting on by the way, hope everything's well ;-D

Cheers Hiro - hope you enjoy your own diet.

''A Tenacious Dieter'' said...

You could have made legwarmers from that jumpers arms :o)


LOL Tenacious Dieter, that did make me chuckle out loud...reminded me of the Fame days. :-D

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