Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Foiled again?

So what do you do with the milk bottle tops that come with old fashioned doorstep milk bottles?

Until now, I've collected them for school or just thrown them in the bin. I've not really known what do with them. However this week I had a stroke of genius and thought I should really check with the experts.

So I rang up the council and was given a really big top tip by Kate! Apparently you can recycle all foil wrapping such as milk bottle tips or even that used in confectionery (which will be handy with Easter coming up). But don't just throw them in the bin, as they are far too small and can drop through the machinery.

The trick is to make a foil ball, rolling lots of small pieces of foil and when it's large enough it can be put in the recycling bin.

I'm currently working on it, but I'm not sure the council will accept anything of these giant proportions? What do you think?

I'm sorry, but I can't really take credit for Flora the giant foil ball. She is actually the masterpiece of the Flying Pie Pizzeria in the US. The only shame is she doesn't look as though she is recycled.

On the subject of recycling here's a fascinating fact that I've discovered. During World War 2, US residents were encouraged to collect scraps of foil and such items were used to make war equipment. For more info, check out this link, where you'll find a few more foil balls.

I think I've uncovered an obsession that I never knew existed...I promise that I'm not going to fall into that trap....honest.

But if you've got any spare foil going, you now know what to do!



Cybèle said...

I knew you could recycle foil, but not that if it was small, it ran a risk of being missed. Great tip, will definitely make sure I do that from now on.
Reminds me a bit of my mum who took recycling very seriously and used to take the staples out of paper... (probably still does!)

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Cybèle - DOn't you just love finding out new things everyday. I'm glad I know what to do with those little things now! What I am interested in finding out is what your mum did (or still does) with staples...can you let me know (please) ;-D

Layla said...

Ooh, interesting! :)

I knew you & Mrs G & others rolled them into balls, but never knew why until now!! :)

Good to know!

I wonder what dimensions are preferred/acceptable too!! :)

Anonymous said...

Or you can keep a recycleable metal tray [from takeaway food order maybe] or a well-rinsed and dried tin somewhere and put all the tiny bits of 'silver' paper from chocolates into this. Crush can or metal tray in usual way and the tiny bits go with it for recycling.

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