Wednesday 20 February 2008

One Bin Day

Here's a new challenge, which might be right up your street. It depends on how brave you might feel and how much you like to meddle in the work environment to support a great cause.

This Thursday (21st February) is One Bin Day and the aim is to raise awareness over the amount of waste that is thrown away in businesses around the UK. The idea is that you remove all the bins from your colleagues' desks and just leave one bin in the middle of the office.

According to Envirowise, the organisation behind the awareness campaign, the bin should quickly fill up with waste that can easily be reused and recycled and will be a great indicator of how much is actually wasted in a company environment.

Envirowise are keen to hear from anyone who would like to take part or discuss the issues. Even if you just want to see what is happening out there, you can visit their website to see what other people have submitted.

If anyone does participate, it would be great to hear your stories.



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