Friday, 22 February 2008

Recycling Men

I love this cartoon and have spent much time in fits of laughter when I should have been getting on with my backlog of work. Many thanks go to my new mate, Ray Smith, for letting me use it. He's a much talented illustrator, who injects that extra smack of fun into recycling and waste management. Superb! His website should be up soon, so watch this space.

One man who should definitely not be put into the recycling bin is St Edmundsbury's Daniel Sage, who is the Strategy and Policy Manager for the council's Waste and Street Scene service.

The word on the street is that our Daniel is officially hot. And it's true. Thanks to his fantastic work in spearheading new initiatives such as the Battery Kerbside Collection Trial and Zero Waste Week for the borough, he has made it into the UK's list of the Hot 100 people contributing to environmental change through waste management. Published by the industry's Resource magazine, his entry in at 99 puts him in the very good company of figures such as Jonathon Porritt and Zac Goldsmith.

It's great to see that it hasn't gone to his head. Although Dan won't be able to attend the Zero Waste Week promotion stand at in Bury St Edmunds and Haverhill next week, you should be able to catch him at one or more of the following events that are coming up:

  • An evening about recycling at the Erskine Centre in Chedburgh, Suffolk. 10 March. 8pm-9pm.
  • Business Waste Surgery: 13th March at the Borough Office in Haverhill. 1-3pm
  • Business Waste Surgery: 14th March at the Borough Office on Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds, 10am-12pm.
(The business surgeries will advise businesses how they can reduce waste as well as increase energy efficiency)

As you can see this Zero Waste business is really interesting stuff.

If you live in St Edmundsbury and would like to get involved in Zero Waste Week, Waste Development Officer Kate McFarland (who is also fabulous) will be available at the Zero Waste stand next week to answer your questions. You will be able to find her at :
  • Bury St Edmunds (outside Woolworths) on Monday 25th Feb - 1pm-3pm
  • Haverhill Peas Market Hill on Wednesday 27th Feb - 1pm-3pm
If you are unable to make it along, Kate can also be contacted on 01284 757337.

If you're not in our area, why not try your own hand at your own Rubbish Diet. You could even see if your own council is willing to run a Zero Waste campaign. It really is fun and thought- provoking at the same time. Councils are always up for some new ideas and you never know what benefits you will see in your area.

You might even track down your own environmental hottie, who can make it into the Hot 100 next year. I certainly hope that we won't be recycling Daniel or his team for some time, not with the fantastic work that they are doing in St Edmundsbury.



ivegotabag said...

Love the heading and love the cartoon!

It has taken me 15 years to persuade my partner to put banana skins in the food waste and not the waste paper basket.

Yes, he is worth it, the effort was worth it and it is lovely to see how people are at last starting to reduce the ridiculous amount of waste that we are creating after so many careless and self-indulgent years.

Keep up the good work!

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi ivegotabag - love the name and glad to see you're keeping hold of your partner. It's important to remember that recycling should be one of the last options after you've tried reducing and reusing or re-educating in this case ;-D

Thanks for your support and hope to see you again soon.

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