Friday 29 February 2008

Making Progress #3

You've heard the age-old expression...

"Time flies when you're having fun"

And so it does.

For all those who've been with me since the beginning, can you believe that it's been nearly six weeks already? Yes SIX WHOLE WEEKS!

That's 40 days and almost 40 nights of talking RUBBISH. It sounds very similar to the duration of Lent, except that what I have given up during this period has been so much easier than suffering withdrawal symptoms from chocolate or wine.

Anyway It's FRIDAY AGAIN and regular readers will know that every Friday before bin-day I love to have a peek inside the black bin, tempting you to come back for the update on Sunday. If you could just see how little rubbish there is today, you will kick yourself if you don't come back and look at the evidence in a couple of days time.


...well hardly anything by comparison to what I used to throw out just a few weeks ago.

The Bokashi system that came from Wiggly Wigglers has made a huge impact in vanquishing food waste from the bin. I've also managed to discover a few new personal care and toiletry products, which have also helped to reduce packaging.

I promise, I will blog about this soon...but if there are any guys looking in, you might want to close your eyes, because I WILL be talking about sanitary products.

And of course I shouldn't forget my remarkable visit to the butchers or indeed the milkman paying his regular visit and leaving a few extras along the way. After all this time, I now know what to do with the little things that he doesn't take away. Yes it's the little foil tops, which I now know can be rolled into balls to put into the recycling bins.

There have been other exciting things happening. This time it's really big ... and I don't just mean the visits I've received from the Houses of Parliament or The Audit Commission! I'm not sure whether I should have mentioned that, but eh rubbish is such a huge issue for both them and me, I am happy for anyone to drop by.

I've got some exciting news that I am itching to share. If you haven't heard about it on the grapevine already, come back next week, when I'll have more info.



Heather @ Wiggly Wigglers said...

Can't wait to hear about the lack of content in your bin this week. Great tip about the foil balls - I don't use much foil, but I will certainly be using your method from now on for recycling purposes. Glad to hear that you are pleased with the Bokashi system too.

John said...

I know what your news is! Fantastic ! But I wont give the game away here. Suffice to say I met up for the first time with a mutual local blogging acquaintance today and she told me all about it.

Almost Mrs Average said...

Thanks Karen - The Bokashi seems to be coming on a treat. The first bin is not even full yet, which is great.

Hi John - thanks for popping by...I wonder which blogger that must have been ;-D

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