Saturday, 1 March 2008

Countdown to Easter

It's 1 March today and the beginning of the countdown to Easter.

I love Easter. It is so much more understated than Christmas and makes for a very relaxed holiday by comparison.

If you are already planning to gather your Easter Eggs, there is great news on the packaging front, which may be right up your street!

Nestlé Rowntree is launching an Easter Egg Recycling Programme following its work with WRAP. The boxes that protect the medium-sized Smarties and Kit-Kat eggs are being used to promote recycling instructions, showing children how they can recycle the boxes and plastic protection. The company has also chosen to use recycled plastic and board in its production lines.

Elsewhere, Cadbury's Easter Range includes the distribution of The Treasure Egg (also known as eco-eggs) which are simply foil-wrapped eggs with no cardboard protection. It has also pledged to cut packaging throughout its range of small and medium packaged eggs, expecting to save 1130 tonnes of packaging this Easter.

This is great news for anyone following The Rubbish Diet and what's even better is that reducing packaging appears to have become a key priority on the agenda of companies who want to appeal to the "Ethically Enthused" market....eerrrr....I guess that covers me.

P.S. If you're Welsh and are also celebrating St David's Day today, I think Cadbury's featured photo of the daffodils is just the ticket....Happy St David's Day.



Anonymous said...

Hey! Love the Easter egg theme - and we were especially pleased when Cadbury's announced the reduced packaging this year.
I meant to mention the other day when you wrote about local butchers - we have a fabulous local butcher in our village - great produce, unusual meats, good price etc etc BUT NO FREE RANGE OPTIONS! (After asking around I gather that this is broadly the case with independent butchers) So I'm afraid the supermarket usually gets our cash! I was wondering what your choices are like?

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Baba - I popped into a village butchers while out and about today and I noticed the same issue there. In Bury though, we've got a great market which has a stall that sells their own Free-range eggs, so maybe somewhere like that or even a farm shop when you're out in our car might be worth a try.

BTW the main problem with having done a post about Easter Eggs is that I was straight down the shop buying some... ;-D

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