Monday, 22 June 2009

Day 1: James and Sally make their pledges on BBC Radio Suffolk

Well Day 1 of Recycle Week got off to a great start after all. It wasn't quite a case of planes, trains and automobiles, but with the aid of a bus and a railway carriage I eventually got to BBC Radio Suffolk, just in time to appear on the James Hazell show.

And the great news is, both James and Sal have both committed to doing their pledge for Recycle Week.

Live on air, James said he would remember to reuse his bags when doing the shopping. And if he doesn't he's promised not to nag or moan or whinge or whine when off shopping with his partner, who is also coincidentally called Karen.

And Sally, his producer has promised to go for a Rubbish Free Day. If she doesn't make it, James has insisted he will make her clean out all the hair, nail clippings and goodness knows what else is lurking in and around the office computer equipment.

Poor Sal - it doesn't feel fair somehow.

So I've told Sally I'll help her. I can't possibly stand by and see her do all those nasty things. She's got my direct line for help if needed. However, judging by how much she does on the recycling front, I reckon she'll have no trouble at all.

So how will they get on? Keep tuning in to BBC Radio Suffolk this week to find out. 9.30am -, weekdays

But if you can't make it, listen in again next Wednesday 1st July, when I'll be dropping in again for a catch up.

Good luck guys...and I promise I will be so good at my own personal pledge this week, I will definitely not, that's right.... NOT.... be singing live on air.

(James and Sally, proudly showing off the radio studio's recycling bin)



Mrs Green said...

Sounds great, Mrs A - well done on getting so much media work this week and spreading the word to others.

I'm enjoying reading about all your adventures, but I think you and I are going to deserve a good holiday after the week is over LOL!


Hi Mrs G - A holiday...oh yes please :-D

Now where shall we go?

Layla said...

lol Mrs A & Mrs G, yes indeed, you both totally do deserve a vacation!!
Hawaii, Bermuda or exotic locations in Wales or Cornwall..?? ;)
Really great to hear about you spreading the word on the radio waves!!

YAY for radio people making the pledges!! :) So great to hear about this!!

Great to see their recycling bin too!!
(is it just one bin for all the recyclables..? maybe they could branch out & have several bins at the radio station? :)

Do tell about their progress on the blog too, as I'm not sure if I can listen to Radio Suffolk here!!
(Of course I'd love to!! :)


Hi Layla - a lovely sunny patio would do me just now. It's mixed recyclables for paper, plastic and tins because over this way we have a comingled collection. Apparently they are dotted around the station. If you want to catch yesterday's programme or tune into another to hear how they're getting on this week, click onto the James Hazell link at:

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