Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Day 2: Man in kilt spotted recycling Tetra Paks

Not a day goes by without something exciting happening in Moreton Hall.

Last week, there was the lady from Heart FM. Today, it was a man in a kilt recycling his Tetra Paks in the Community Centre car park.

And he had lots of them too. Indeed as far as recycling goes, this had to be the most lively demonstration ever. It's also been captured on video, which I will upload later this week.

Of course I would love to say that it was a coincidence, but knowing that I'd injured my back, the chap in the tartan came to pick me up this morning in a moment of chivalry and brought his family's empty cartons with him.

And he's no stranger to recycling. Some of you might recognise him as Angus Middleton, director of Ecoboom, an eco-focused shopping and news site, with a strong community focus and fabulous links that support sustainable living.

So thank you Mr Middleton, for both the lift in the LPG converted car and for joining in the fun and games this week. Not quite the highland games I know, but close.

And before anybody asks I was far too polite to ask what was under the kilt. A girl has to protect her honour you know.

But if you do want to find out or indeed ask Angus anything else, hop over to say hello. You can find regularly popping up at www.ecoboom.co.uk.

As for me, I'm under doctor's orders not to hang around the computer too much or it will be a case of emergency physiotherapy. So on that note, I think I might go for a gentle stroll.

Who knows what else is around the corner. Obviously I don't. That's for certain.



mrs green said...

Oh goodness me, Mrs A - whatever next?! Maybe you've got a surprise 'calender girls' set up for us later in the week!

It sounds like you are having a lot of fun with your cartons over there.

Mr G has ground to a halt for the day and so have I. We'll be loading up the car and making our second trip to the recycling centre this evening.

But for now, like you, we're going to take it easy for an hour.

Hope your back continues to improve

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

I don't know what's more attractive a man who wears a kilt, a man who recycles, or a man who recycles in a kilt. Good thing I have a guy who recycles and wears a kilt at home! Much research is in order on this one...

Almost Mrs Average said...

LOL Mrs Green - oooh now that's tempting. There is a WI group that meets locally :-D

Don't blame you for taking a break. Well-deserved. You've got some fine project going on there.

Hi Condo Blues - hahahahaha. You've got a man in a kilt who recycles at home? I'll have to tell my friend Lucy, you can enjoy compare notes. Just wait till you our kilt-wearer dancing...lots more fun to be had yet :-D

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Actually, he HAS danced in his kilts many times in fact. He got married in a kilt and we had Scottish Country Dancing during our wedding reception. Unusual in the States but not for us and our friends.

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Lisa - how wonderful. I love Scottish dancing. Can't do it though - two left feet, as demonstrated by a visit to Scotland one hogmanay. Just one dance sorted me out. Decided to just sit and watch and leave it to the experts :-D

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