Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Day 2: I think I'M in need of recycling!

I love this cartoon, drawn by the very talented Ray Smith over at www.thegreenpen.co.uk.

It has cheered me up no end, especially as Day 2 of my challenge dawns, I'm beginning to think it's me who needs a new lease of life, never mind the Tetra Pak cartons.

The bad news is that today I can't sit, can't stand and most definitely can't bend without feeling like someone is prodding me with a flaming stake.

I can't even talk without an ounce of pain, or indeed type.

All from a trapped nerve, would you believe.

Poised to help the community waste less this week eh!

Well there's no getting away from it, as it's now me in need of help, I will definitely have to go to see a doctor today.

Who knows, maybe he'll actually upcycle me into an all new singing and dancing Almost Mrs Average.

So keep your fingers crossed I get my full mobility back, 'cos I've got some washing and squashing to do and I was hoping to inject some acrobatics to mark the occasion.

I promise to be back later with an update.

In the meantime, why don't you check if you can recycle 40 year old bloggers in your area. If so, I may be heading over your way.

You'll find all you need to know at www.recyclenow.com, where using the postcode locator you'll discover everything you can recycle within just a few miles radius. Yes I mean everything!

And if you're feeling the slightest bit devilish, try your friend's postcode too - trust me, it's the new way of keeping up with the Jones's.

By the way ladies. Don't forget, if you want to recycle your fellas, or even all their old jokes make sure you pop over to The Green Pen for a few ideas. Who knows what inspiration you'll find.



mrs green said...

Oh what a shame, Mrs A.

I hope you get sorted out - probably with some industrial strength anti inflammatories no doubt. Let's hope it's nothing serious; trapped nerves are incredibly painful aren't they?

Hope you're feeling better soon and full of strength for crushing your tetra paks :)

Layla said...

Ooh, hope you're feeling better soon too!!
/I found I had to stay away from sweets & beef to get my back/nerve sorted! also magnesium helped me - leafy greens or pumpkinseeds or such? do ask your doc though!/
And uhm, try to get some rest?

The cartoons - absolutely brilliant!! :) Love 'em!! :)

Karin said...

I'm glad you're going to see the doctor, trapped nerves can cause serious problems if they aren't treated. My neck hasn't been the same since I had a trapped nerve and nothing was done about it for several weeks inspite of me going to the doctor, who just told me to take painkillers.

If it's in your neck, don't use the pc as it will aggravate the condition. In fact be careful not to do anything that will make it worse. Walking is meant to help, if it's not too painful to do so.

Whatever you do, don't put heat on it to soothe the pain, use something cooling instead. It was after I used a heated, 'soothing' pad my friend leant me that I became quite ill and couldn't sleep all night as my neck must have become seriously inflamed.

I found physio very helpful.

Hope you nip it in the bud before it becomes serious.

Tracey Smith said...

Hi missus - sending all my get-fixed-quick type love to you and thanks for the eco-cartoon too - lolol....

Beak soon and keep up the good green fight my friend,

TS x


Hi Mrs G - got the tablets, got the nod to keep active, got the wagging finger about spending too long at the laptop. I know the doc is right, but I also told her it was Recycle Week. Do you know what she then said... "ahhh yes, I've heard of you". Well there you go...I've not been excused though :-D x

Hi Layla - leafy greens in particular sound lovely. Most definitely a must! Ray's cartoons are really fab aren't they. Have you also seen my new Twitter avatar by Drawn4U, I'm definitely rubbing shoulders with artistic talent these days :-D x

Hi Karin - thank you so much for your advice there. While I was in the waiting room, I was able to read your email on my phone, so was brilliant and in time for my visit to the surgery. I've been told that if it doesn't get better by Friday I'll be sent for emergency physio. I think any activity at the PC will now have to be at my kitchen worktop where I can stand up rather than sit. Oh well. At least I can be happy in that I've done all the hard work in the weeks running up to Recycle Week, now it's just in the hands of everyone else. So not much stuff to do. Only trouble is, I can't bend down to reach my compost caddy, or pull the lid of the main bin so I'll just have to wrap my compostables in paper and instead and wait for Mr A. :-D x

Thanks Trace - nothing like a bit of hero worship for Mr Smith. Will ring you with my news...:-D x

Karin said...

Don't worry too much about your compost caddy. Better to leave it for a few weeks than have to leave it for much longer and have long-term repercussions.

You've done a brilliant job of spreading the messaging so far you may now rest on your laurels for a while, although the gentle stroll could be even better.


Hi Karin - that's a wise tip. Thankfully I've got another pair of helping hands over the next few days. I've got a few strolls lined up over the next few days :-D

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