Monday, 22 June 2009

Day 1: Merci beaucoup Monsieur

Il y a beaucoup des cartons pour moi. Bon travail Monsieur. Super!

Phew. I have some cartons! The relief!

If you remember, my sons' school is joining in my Recycle Week pledge by collecting Tetra Pak cartons over the next few days but having hobbled into school this morning, I hadn't noticed whether the rest of the children were laden down with bags and bags to add to our collection.

And I have a another confession to make. EVEN I forgot to give our own cartons to my children to take to school today.

Yes I know it's Recycle Week and I'm supposed to be keeping an eye on such matters but I was entirely distracted by avoiding the pain that comes with a trapped nerve that I developed yesterday.

And given that it had taken me a whole hour to ease myself out of bed, culminating in a great impression of a cow in labour, gathering cartons was not the first thing on my mind.

AND there were the logistics of getting to Ipswich to consider, where I spent most of the day.

So I don't yet know how the rest of the children got on today at Abbots Green. However the REALLY GREAT NEWS is that on picking up my eldest from his regular French Club at school this evening, Jon who runs the fabulous Le Club Francais, happily presented me with OVER A DOZEN Tetra Pak cartons that he'd collected at the weekend.

Yep, it was party time for some lucky folk and as a result there were a couple of bagfulls that would have otherwise ended up in landfill.

How blessed am I?

And very easily pleased!

So as well as the dozen or so that we've been collecting at home, we can now match that with the donation given to us by Jon from Le Club Francais.

And with the numbers quickly gathering apace at home, if I'm not careful to take them in tomorrow, I'll be doing a worthy impression of a Buckaroo horse, burdened down with them all. And I can add good sound effects too.

So I think the best thing is to take them into class tomorrow morning, where they will be counted and added to the classroom collection before being squashed and placed in the huge blue bin that has been dropped off by the council.

It really is an enormous bin. Look at it!

Will we really be able to fill that?

I truly hope so!

All I can say is bon chance toute le monde et merci beaucoup. Keep up the good work and let's see what we get tomorrow.



Layla said...

Sorry to hear about the trapped nerve!! Hope it heals soon!!

(Have you checked the Trigger Point Therapy book? - I found it quite helpful!!)

YAY for the tetrapaks collected & Le Club Francais!! :)

Kiddies at our local school collected tetrapaks all year long - maybe something like that could be agreed upon for next year or so?

Love & sending you healing thoughs!! :)

Oui oui, beauceaup, beaceaup!! :)
Tres tres bon!!

Transition Housewife said...

Hi Mrs A,

Just catching up on your plans for recycle week. Excellent good on you.

But what’s this about recycling tetra paks? Surely you should reuse them first? Okay, okay, so you’ve pledged publicly to recycle them this week, fair enough. But here’s an idea for you, what about if your tetra pak recycling bin is over flowing before the end of the week I teach you (and any one else you can rustle up) how to make a purse out of tetra pak cartons?

What with your enthusiasm for a challenge and my tetra pak purse instructions we could make TP carton purses the fashion accessory of the, um, er, week?!!


Hi Layla - thank you. Trapped nerve still here, I'm afraid. Sounds an interesting book. Thanks for the tip. I think a few people at the school might be pondering looking at the longevity of the project. So watch this space :-D

Hi Transition Housewife - Now that's a fab idea. You're one step ahead of me there. You know how I've wanted to make one of your purses for a long time. If you are around for a meet up, I'd love to be shown properly and get a few people together for the occasion. Drop me an email and see if we can fit something in (have got all fingers crossed). :-D

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