Friday, 26 June 2009

Day 5: School recycling in Moreton Hall

Huge thanks to Abbots Green, Sebert Wood and Moreton Hall Prep School for taking part in my Recycle Week pledge. You're the real stars of the week along with your teachers who have also worked hard.

Phew what a day!

I've spent much of today dropping into our local schools to see how they've been getting on during Recycle Week. And I can honestly say I am amazed at the results. Not least because school life is always busy and this week has probably been more hectic than most. Yet they've all come up with the goods.

Early this afternoon, I visited Sebert Wood school to collect the cartons from them. They've had such a busy week with an Ofsted inspection, school trips and a teddy bear's picnic, but the children still managed to collect lots of cartons. The school staff also told me they've had a recycling assembly this week, featuring recycling songs and all the children were invited to make pledges, which they hung on their pledge tree.

Later I met up with the one of our friends from Moreton Hall Prep School, to add the last of their collection into the bin.

They too have had a busy week at the school and have had a team of volunteers making a regular run to the temporary recycling bin throughout the week.

Judging by how full it is, I think they've been hectic with their contributions too.

My final visit today was back to our own school Abbots Green, to catch up with how their week has gone.

And as I expected, they too have been busy working on their pledges. Here are a few members of the Recycling Club, helping to recycle some of the cartons I've been given.

Here's how the bin was looking this morning.

Abbots Green has also been busy with another recycling activity this week, which grabbed the interest of our local newspaper the Bury Free Press. Here's the journalist at the top of the ladder taking a photo of the results.

He was pointing his camera at a collage made from clothes donated to the school's textiles collection. I wasn't tall enough to capture the scene properly on my camera but here are a few highights of the detail in the picture.

Some children playing ball on the beach.

A sunbather resting under a parasol.

And on the horizon, a sailing boat gently drifting across the seascape.

Organised by one of our assistant headteachers and the art co-ordinator, the project was put together to give the children an understanding of reuse and an opportunity to engage their creativity. The effects were stunning and involved the whole school with each class taking their turn to create the seaside landscape. When I collected my children from school this evening they were keen to tell me how they made the sand and the sky.

I'm now looking forward to next week, when not only will we find out how much we have raised for the school, but we will also be able to see the full effect of the picture when it is published in the Bury Free Press.

So at the end of what has been a hectic school week, with me almost forgetting to take my own cartons into school, I'd like to thank all the schools in Moreton Hall for joining in the fun and for St Edmundsbury Borough Council for providing the bins.

There are only two more days to go of my Recycle Week pledge which is to help those in my community waste less this week.

It promises to be a quiet weekend, but if something happens, I'll be back to break the news.

For other schools that are interested in organising a textiles collection, the contractor arranged by our local council to collect our clothes is BCR. More information about BCR's work can be found at their website at

More information about other ideas and opportunities for recycling in schools can be found at the Recycle Now website.



Layla said...

WOW! Great to hear about it all!! :)

And big WOW & cheers to the kids & everyone else for participating!!

Hope the clothes were also reused for someone's new wardrobe then...? ;)

John Costigane said...

Hi Mrs A,

A truly superb effort by the local school kids. These are our future citizens and show us how things should be done.

The clothing collage was fine as well with the adults doing their bit.

You can be well pleased with your successes, including a lot of help from the locals. Such community action is a winner.


Thanks Layla - it really is great that everyone has been so enthusiastic about joining in. Having a spark of an idea about getting the community involved may be one thing, but for those who have to come up with the creative execution in schools is another thing altogether. And don't worry, the clothes are being sent to developing countries, so will be put to good use. :-D

Hi John - I loved Sebert Wood's Pledge idea as well as our school's Art Attack clothes collage project. It was really inspirational and took all day to do. I only popped in for some photos and was amazed how brilliant it looked, especially from the top of a step ladder. All the parents were invited to drop in for a look as well. You're right about children and how they show us how things should be done. While we worry about stuff, they are full of positive energy that can't help but inspire. :-D

clareybabble said...

I love the art attack! Great that kids are getting involved. My S loves his Peppa Pig recycling book. He tells me off if I accidentally throw something in the wrong bin!


Hi Clareybabble - the art attack project was fab and was the inspiration of one of the asst headteachers and the art co-ordinator. The kids just loved it too. Bagging them up again was hard work though. I spent much of Tuesday baking in the school shed getting them back into the bags with the help of the Recycling Club. :-D

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