Friday, 26 June 2009

Day 5: Back to School for Recycle Week

So it's Day 5 of Recycle Week and it's probably the one which I have been anticipating with bated breath.

If you remember last week, I helped put together letters on behalf of our school inviting parents to bring in their empty Tetra Pak cartons for the school's Recycle Week collection at Abbots Green Community Primary School.

And following up an idea from another governor, we also arranged to organise a clothing collection as a fundraiser.

It was quietly nervewracking and I couldn't help wondering how many people would take part in either scheme. And I must admit, I was so nervous I didn't dare ask how things were going early in the week.

But look...when I popped into school this morning, I saw how many cartons had been coming in. I was most definitely impressed.

And look at how many clothes have been donated for the clothing collection....

In fact there are even more clothes than that and today is going to be a fun day indeed, because all the children are getting involved in an "Art Attack" project which will see the clothes being made into a huge picture before being collected later next week.

I've got lots to do today, catching up with everything's that's been going on both at the school and elsewhere. I'll be back later with photos of what promises to be a really enjoyable project, plus other news. Huge thanks to all involved. I hope everyone is having as much fun as we're having in our neck of the woods.



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