Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Day 3: Man in kilt spotted SQUASHING Tetra Pak cartons

Remember the man in the kilt? Well here he is again, doing the well-known "Scottish" dance called "Stripping the Tetra-Pak", which from here on in is set to become the tradition for all kilt-wearing men that recycle.

I am sure that Jenny Walden, Tetra Pak's Recycling Officer will be impressed. Tomorrow she's helping to launch the "How do you squash yours?" competition, inviting people all over the UK to enter the craziest videos showing how they squeeze the air out of their cartons.

It may be a fun competition, but it has a serious message, highlighting the importance of reducing the number of recycling trucks and CO2. If everyone squashed theirs, three times more cartons could fit into a recycling bin, making them more efficient to collect.

So, what are you waiting for?

To find out what you need to do, here's Jenny with the rules and some really fantastic prizes, including a ‘chance of a lifetime’ place on an exciting international environmental adventure as well as an Eco TV, 50 hot DVDs and a supply of wine or smoothies in Tetra Pak cartons! The winner can choose which prize they want. You have until 1 November 2009 to enter.

For more info CLICK HERE. Happy Squashing!

P.S. Thanks again to Angus from Ecoboom for his kilt-wearing antics.


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