Friday, 19 June 2009

Swapping clothes for Recycle Week

I love this poster by Suffolk County Council, promoting a clothes swap shop for Recycle Week. And I really wish I could go, because at these events I always find something I love. It's always a great opportunity to pass unwanted items onto a better home too.

However, I can't get along because of events relating to my pledge, but if you live in Suffolk, why not see if you can pop along yourself and take some friends. It's at Sproughton Tithe Barn, Tuesday 23rd June, 6pm - 9pm.

Doors will be open between 6pm to 7pm to accept clothing and then from 7pm onwards, individuals will be welcome to swap 'til they drop! Members of the public have been asked to bring a minimum of 1 item and a maximum of 10 of clothes,shoes and jewellery. There will also be bring banks collecting end of life textiles that would normally end up in the black bin with the aim of diverting them from landfill and recycling them instead.

It really does look like fun.

Suffolk County Council is busy supporting Recycle Week's Lets Waste Less theme by focusing on recycling textiles, so there are more opportunities to recycle your clothing across the county. For more information about what's happening in Suffolk, pop over to

And don't forget, there's still time to make your pledge for Recycle Week, which starts on Monday. So if you've got a spare couple of minutes - that's all it takes - hop over to Recycle Now, where you can also find if there are similar events happening in your area.



Shopaholic said...

oooh, this sounds right up my street...!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

That seems like a great idea Mrs A. Perhaps it will catch on - it should appeal to a lot. I've also noticed recently that charity shops are a lot busier. A x


Hi Shopaholic - it looks great doesn't it. It's in Babergh, so why don't you see if you can get some friends along and pop over for a visit. I bet there will be some good things to collect. I'll be envious though. :-D x

Hi Anne - there does seem to be an increasing trend with universities and work places doing this kind of thing as well. There is something really great about the spirit of Britain at the moment and I am sure the programmed Mary Queen of Charity Shops will have done loads to boost the second-hand idea. I've noticed our charity shops are doing well too, so well they are now crying out for donations. :-D x

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