Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Day 3: Thank you to Great Barton Beaver Scouts

Huge thanks to Great Barton Beavers Scouts for their commitment to the Recycle Week pledge.

I've just arrived back from our weekly Beaver Scout meeting, with over four bags of cartons. The colony sent letters out last week asking children to to join in the Recycle Week pledge and bring in their cartons And quite a few did, including one parent who normally recycles them every month at our local HWRC. I think she was pleased that this week I've saved her a trip.

As well as cartons, I even came away with a bag of mixed plastics recycling. By now I think they get the idea that I'm a tad keen.

It's no surprise though. In fact the Scout Movement is excellent at encouraging recycling amongst its youngsters and depending on each individual set-up, groups can often be found collecting mobile phones, aluminium cans and paper as part of their fundraising activities.

All those that get involved also now have the chance to earn the new Environment badge, which was launched earlier this year, to help scouts of all ages understand the impact of rubbish and litter on the community.

So I think that our visit to Beavers has fetched fantastic end to Day 3 of my Recycle Week pledge.

Day 3!


It already feels like a week, it's been so busy.

It's a good job I'm now off to relax and celebrate with some friends and a pizza.

Night night! See you tomorrow.


Karin said...

I haven't had much to do with Scouts or Guides of any age in recent years, so it's good to hear they're encouraging an awareness of environmental issues.

Shopaholic said...

Go Great Barton Beaver Scouts!

John costigane said...

Hi Mrs A,

The community effort is growing by the day and shows the value of common activity.

This could be the basis for other community action and is therefore a worthwhile exercise for you.

Zero Waste Weeks could come to involve extra activities.


Hi Karin - the Scout Movement is great at this kind of thing. Only a few weeks ago, the local group pulled me in to run a session with the Beavers which was fun. I had them running from one side of the hall to the other, deciding what could be recycled or not...and they were pretty good.. :-D

Hi Shopaholic - I agree....not biased though :-D

Hi John - It's really good to see people come together and join in what really is a small task at the moment. What could be more simple than putting a few cartons in a bag and taking them to a very convenient local facility. It would be great if we could move on to something bigger. Goodness knows what next year's Recycle Week could bring. I would love a Zero Waste challenge in the local community :-D

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Well done those scouts! Brilliant.

Not sure if this is the right place to leave the link, but I've done an update on the recycling week pledge:


Big wave to Brit in Bosnia - thank you so much for the update. Am popping over to see you now. :-D

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