Friday, 26 June 2009

Day 5: Recycling on the radio

If you've been following the events of Recycle Week this week, you'll remember Sally Goodwin and James Hazell from BBC Radio Suffolk and how they took their own pledges, with James promising to reuse his bags and Sally going for a Rubbish Free day.

Well there's been a bit of a twist, since I blogged about my visit on the show this Monday.

While James has kept to his pledge by cunningly avoiding shopping, Sally has enjoyed her challenge so much she's actually attempting a rubbish free week!

Yes that's right... a whole WEEK!

As well as daily updates on the James Hazell show, they've been blogging daily about their progress on the programme page. I thought I'd include today's extract here....

All I can say is....go Sal go....

... and James, I think it really is time you went shopping....

So without further ado here's the lowdown from BBC Radio Suffolk

Friday 26th June


The big day dawns. It’s recycling bin day today. The blue bin is so full I’ve had to stick the dog, who weighs a hefty 34 kg, on top to force the contents in – otherwise there’s a chance the bin men won’t take it if the lid won’t shut properly so I’m not taking any chances. The brown bin is three quarters full of garden waste and food waste wrapped up in newspaper as Karen told me. The grey general waste bin, which will be collected next Friday, has had nothing put in it this week and lo and behold I’m maggot free for the first year in ages. I’m now waiting, nose pressed against the living room window like a child in anticipation of Father Christmas arriving, for the bin men to come to collect my recycled rubbish. Has the week’s experiment of being rubbish free been successful? Hugely and I would recommend it to anyone. It leaves you feeling good about yourself, you’ve done a good turn for the environment, and it’s obvious that supermarkets can do more to reduce the packaging of their products or do more to make sure it can be recycled. I’m looking forward to a big pat on the back from Karen Cannard next week. James – the floor is now yours. Let’s see what you’ve done towards your challenge.

James: Uh oh. As a result of some pathetic conspiracy I have been given a shopping list. It contains things that I am not sure exist and certainly don't appear to be cary-able with no bags. I will not be defeated however. Watch this space...

Well Sal that's fantastic - I couldn't have said it better myself - and as for the conspiracy... what conspiracy? I just hope James enjoys juggling.

If you're interested in hearing how they've both got on, you'll be able to catch the programme between 9.30am-1pm each weekday. And I'll be back in the studio next Wednesday at 11.30 to take a look in Sally's rubbish bag, which I suspect is going to be almost empty.

And even if you don't live in Suffolk, you can still listen in as the programme is available on the Internet, either live or through listen again.

So here's to Recycle Week, which seems to be getting better and better by the day. And even though it's Friday, it's not too late to make your pledge. Lots of people are still joining in. Pop over to for more details. Who knows, you may even be inspired to try a Rubbish Free Day yourself.



Kate said...

A whole week without trash. That is really impressive. What an amazing challenge. I am going to have to try that... but I will start with a day.

Layla said...

WOW!! Go Sally!! And go Kate!!

It's fantastic you've been inspired to have a waste-free week!! :)

We've had a zero waste week in April for Earth Day & it was fabulous!!
/Didn't go exactly 'zero' waste but we made MUCH less waste afterwards!!:) Like in, from one bag of kitchen waste a week, to one bag in 2.5 months!!/

So go girls & I'm really excited to be able to listen to/read more about it all!!

Am intrigued about the shopping challenge too lol!!


Hi Kate - it really is a worthwhile exercise and focuses your mind on how much is wasted in a normal day. A Rubbish-Free day is a great place to start, but be prepared to get addicted to a project with a positive outcome :-D

Hi Layla - I'm intrigued about the Shopping Challenge too...

The results of your challenge were fantastic and one which I hope continues to spread across the globe - As Layla says...Good luck ladies :-D

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