Thursday, 25 June 2009

Day 4: I'm a riot at parties you know

Yesterday was most certainly the hardest day of Recycle Week. Nothing to do with the challenge itself. It had more to do with the pills that the doctor had given me, which sent me all whizzy dizzy for the whole of the day.

AND there was the unfortunate incident of my skirt doing a full "Marilyn Monroe" on the way to school.

So by the evening I was desperate to venture out and meet some of my really good friends from Bury LETS, a date at Pizza Express for a good old Sloppy Giuseppe and to celebrate a few birthdays.

Of course as it's Recycle Week, to keep in with the theme of my pledge to help others in my community to waste less, I asked if they could bring something along that they normally find hard to recycle.

I am chuffed the ladies joined in and last night I hobbled out from the restaurant, with not just my appetite satisfied but with a few rags, a carton and some glass bottles and jars.

But it's a good job the waitress from Pizza Express told us they recycle their bottles, otherwise I would have had a few more to bring home too.

Phew...not sure I could have clanked all those back to the car.


Unknown said...

Sounds like you're doing really well! I'm so glad you've made us mummy bloggers aware of recycling week, I've been so much more aware of what I waste this week! :)

love home|life|style said...

Ha ha! I had the same problem with the skirt yesterday!! what is it with skirts and the wind, they are not meant to be!

lunarossa said...

Well done, Karen, for making people in Pizza Express think about recycling as well. I'm rather upset that nothing has been organized for Recycling Week here in York and surrounding area. Every time I go to the shops and they ask me if I need a bag, I proudly present my own bag and add "it's recycle week, do you know?" but nobody seems to know or, even worse, care. Is it just Yorkshire people? All the best. Ciao. A.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Glad to hear your week is going well Mrs A. As for your Marilyn Monroe moment - I've had a few of those in my time! ha ha

Layla said...

lol for the Marilyn Monroe moment too!! :)

& YAY for all those recyclables finally meeting their real destiny! :)

Recycling even at parties - WOW!! :)
GO Mrs A!!! :)

Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Clareybabble - thanks so much for leaving such a lovely comment, especially as I'm normally rather shy about spreading the word. Now I'm feel dead-chuffed that I made the effort and so happy that Susanna also thought it would be a great thing. Thank you once again. I'm so glad you're enjoying it :-D

Hi Shopaholic - am I glad it wasn't caught on camera...well er I hope not. I hope yours wasn't embarrassing :-D

Hi Antonella - good on you. That'll help spread the word. Perhaps we should get bags made up next year with that statement on it. "It's Recycle Week do you know"...hee hee. Love it.

It's a shame that local events haven't been organised, but if you're up for it, you could get a few interested locals to organise some events for next year, with the schools and other local groups. Who knows what can happen if you get together with like-minded people and it doesn't have to be big, just a small event like a clothing collection will help raise awareness. Mel B, a blogger and reader from York might know a few folk. If you're reading Mel, what do you think? :-D

Hi Anne - thanks for dropping in. I know I'm keeping folk busy this week with all the things that are happening. It will calm down soon, as I hope will the wind. Otherwise I won't be wearing that skirt again and will be finding a way to rehome it. And here's to Marilyn Monroe :-D

Hi Layla - hee hee. Only thing is I've got to organise myself to the Recycling Bank now. At least I'll be going there tomorrow. And as for the being out and about enjoying myself, it's always good to ask what they do with our valuable resources :-D

Layla said...

lol Mrs A, be proud of your Marilyn Monroe-ness!! :D

as we were kiddies I know it was quite fashionable to have such skirts - can't say my very Catholic Dad was very thrilled but I think they were quite 'in'-??!

/just be careful where you wear it! :)/

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